Force Induction Systems Essay

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Force Induction Systems

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your car go faster? While I can make no guarantees that your car will be a qualifier for the next Fast and Furious movie, I can coach you on how to get the biggest bang for your buck, or in this case, speed from your engine. The simplest method for boosting speed is installing a force induction system that consists of either a turbocharger or a supercharger. Most turbochargers and superchargers can be bolted on to your motor with minimal to moderate modifications.

While both types of systems can produce significant amounts of horsepower, turbochargers are the better choice based on extent of horsepower gained, pricing, and its efficiency. Turbochargers increase horsepower more than superchargers because they receive energy directly from the exhaust system. Superchargers are connected to the engines crank belt and spin simultaneously. Because they are connected to the belt, superchargers can only spin as fast as the belt spins.

In general they produce a much wider power band than turbochargers because they make larger boosts at very low and very high rpms, creating boost over 20 psi (pounds per square inch). On the other hand, turbocharges are connected to the exhaust manifold and utilize high-energy exhaust gases to spin the turbo. Because these systems are not physically connected to the engine, they can spin much faster and more freely. This means that turbochargers will generally create more boost than superchargers, in many cases producing over 30 psi. The more boosts you can create the more horsepower you can have.

When it comes to pricing, both of these force induction systems costs around the same depending the brand you buy. Superchargers and turbocharger usually go for about $4,000- $6,000. You can achieve huge savings with these types of systems by buying and creating your own parts. Superchargers consist of the main induction system with other small component parts that are used to help it run more efficiency and in sync with the motor. Turbochargers are a little more complicated and use more parts. They consist of the turbo, piping used to connect all parts though out engine, and the intercooler used to help keep rom the engine overheating.

The advantage with turbocharger is the fact that you can purchase the turbo, intercooler and piping separately. This enables you to save money rather than buying the full kit already put together. With superchargers you are unable to buy your own parts to save money because of the fact that this system mainly consists of the supercharger and parts that are not commonly found. Finally, the last component that will help you decide which force induction systems to choose is efficiency. Since superchargers are connected the engine crank pulley, they spin up immediately when you give gas and create no lag.

Turbochargers are commonly known for their lag. This lag refers to the time immediately after the throttle has been applied to the engine and when the turbo begins to spool up. Until the turbo can spool up to the point it can compress air, the engine runs without force induction creating a period of low power. The larger the turbo used, the greater the lag because of the increased energy used to spool up the turbine. The parasitic affect of a supercharger creates a less fuel-efficient engine because it takes away power from the engine to operate the supercharger.

As for turbochargers, since they use air to spin the turbine, they do not take away any power from the motor. Actually they create a more fuel-efficient motor because it uses the air that the motor throws away and reuses that air to create power again. Superchargers are much safer to use. They don’t run nearly as hot and don’t surge, but they do not create as much boost as high performance turbochargers. Therefore, engine detonation is much less likely. Engine detonation occurs when excessive heat and pressure in the combustion chamber causes the air/fuel mixture to auto ignite.

When deciding on a force induction system the purchaser should consider which type of system will give them the best overall results based on horsepower gained, pricing, and its efficiency. I believe that turbochargers are the better choice over superchargers. The reasons are simple. They are not tied to the belt so they can spin freer and faster. They do not run hot so they are safer. Finally, you can buy them part-by-part instead of by the system allowing the customer to save money and have a more customized system.

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