Force Field Analysis Essay

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Force Field Analysis

The planning process in the business by use of the force field analysis seeks to look at the forces that come against or for a decision. The tool helps in planning about strengthening those forces that support a certain decision and reject or reduce the support for those that oppose a decision. It is widely used in the planning and decision making process within an organization to bring corporate changes. (http://www. ifm. eng. cam. ac. uk/dstools/represent/forcef. html)

The theory argues that the change in the force field analysis has a characteristic phenomena of been in an imbalance state between the various driving forces. These could be changing market situations, new personnel/management or new technology above other fundamental factors in the organizations planning and decision making. Elsewhere, there is the compound of the retraining forces that come against the driving forces. The achievement of the balance involves a three process outlay.

Firstly, the organization should withdraw both the restraining and driving forces which influences its state of imbalance. Secondly, a new functional imbalance is then introduced within these two forces for enabling the changes to occur. This is to be achieved through persuasion of reduced restraints or increasing the potential levels of drivers in the planning and decision making process. After achieving a stable state of balance, these forces are normalized in their former state of equilibrium. (http://www. ifm. eng. cam. ac. uk/dstools/represent/forcef. html)

Consequently, the decision process and planning through this theory is arrived at weighing the balance between the forces the support and those that deter the decision process. Those supporting the planning and decision are taken and those that oppose it are rejected or pended. This is imperative in bringing new strategies, implementations, decisions and performance structures that are important for change, success and corporate growth.

Reference Force Field Analysis. Retrieved on 4th September 2008 from http://www. ifm. eng. cam. ac. uk/dstools/represent/forcef. html

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