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For the following speech topics

When I was in high school I had a set of very popular friends. I called them my friends because they were the ones I go with from the time I arrive in school, until recess, until the time we go back home. They are picked up by cars, and I would hitch with them. All the while, their popularity gave me the notion that I am popular too. In return, I made their assignments and finished our group projects all by myself. It took a year before I realized that friendship is not about being with a popular circle. Friendship is so much more. B. (For old people) Like wines, we have been aged into perfection.

Today, as we gather, we remember the friendships that we have had and in the same way we can name some which have been perfected by time. These friendships are those which stood challenges; those which remained loyal and truthful despite all else being a failure. In remembering these friendships, we also remember those beautiful friends behind them. Topic: Investment A. (For students) I have always been a businessman. I had my very first investment when I was seven. I badly wanted a yo-yo but my parents would not buy me one. So, I asked my teenage neighbor if he would like to trade one of his yo-yo with my roller skates.

It was clumsy, and it sure lost me a lot, and that was my very first experience of investing. B. (For businessmen) Benjamin Franklin said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. I agree. However, I would also say that making good investments and making the right choices pays even more—and the interest are in dollars too! Ladies and gentlemen, investing is tricky and it needs some education, but also it needs action. Otherwise, those investments are dreams waiting to be realized. Topic: Recycling A. (Students) In 2001, more than 400,000,000 tons of wastes have been generated by municipalities throughout the country.

This is a whopping 26,000,000-ton increase. Out of this, only 32% has been recycled. What happened to the other 68%? How are we managing the non-recyclable wastes? Is the management effective and efficient? These are what we are discussing today. B. (Kids) Did you know that you can make your own toy out of a milk carton? You can also create artworks and masterpieces using egg shells and empty bottles. We might think that these things are already trash, but actually we can still use them to make new things. This is what we call recycling. TOPIC: Credit Card Debt A.

(For students) Let’s face it. Owning a credit card is like a shopper’s heaven. You buy something, swipe the card, and go home happy. You got something and your cash is intact—what could be better? But, when the bill comes, credit cards can also prove to be a shopper’s hell. B. (For women) Have you ever wondered why you are always worried? Check your wallets. Studies show that 64% of credit card holders are worried about their debts. Strikingly, women worry more than men. This is something to be worried about. Thus, we came up with some tips to help you with those credit card debts.

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