For One More Day by Mitch Albom Summary

The book I’ve read “for one more day” by Mitch Albom talks about two stories, one told over the course of the present, while the other tells the memories of Chicks ‘s life leading up to his mother’s death. The book started off when someone at the baseball field saw a ghost of a man sitting on the bleachers. The man was facing the other way and the person who saw this was a few feet away from him.

The person walks up to the man and asks who they were. The man was known to be Chick Benetto, one who committed suicide because his life after his mother’s death went downhill.

For one more day by Mitch Albom is about a family, a mother, and a son whose relationship will be missed and forever loved from the ups and downs they experienced together. It all started when Charley Benetto “Chick”, a retired baseball player lost everyone he loved and had it hard to sustain a living, the only thing he wanted to do was end his life.

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When he started losing everything like his job, marriage, and his family, he became alcoholic and depressed most of the time. Then one day, he received a letter from his daughter Maria, that said she’s now married. It hurt him because she didn’t invite him to her wedding. After reading the letter then made him realize that he had lost everything, most importantly his only daughter.

So then Chick decided to end his life, or he might’ve attempted to.

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He drives to his hometown to remember the old times he had. While Chick was driving, he didn’t realize he was going the wrong way because he was drunk. Then he gets into an accident after missing the wrong exit. He wakes up after the accident and walks to the nearest town water tower to climb and go on top, to then throw himself off. After he jumped off, he had been unconscious. When he woke up, Chick realizes he’s at the baseball field he used to play on. Then he looks to see that right in front of him was his mother, who had been dead ten years ago.

The next part after was Charley Benetto talking about short stories of his early life with his mother, the sad and happy memories they shared when she was still alive. Charley’s mother Posey, was a hairdresser, makeup artist, and beautician. She died at the age of 77 years old, from a heart attack. She was a loving mother of two children, Charley and Roberta. When she found out that her husband Leonard Benetto had another wife and kid when he was away fighting in the war, she felt all kinds of anger and hatred from him and didn’t want anything to do with him. So they diverted from each other, and Charley couldn’t believe it because he was a daddy’s boy.

As a kid, Chick was told from his dad a quote he remembered,” You can be a momma’s boy or a daddy’s boy, but you can’t be both”. Chick chooses his dad, not knowing that Leonard will disappear from Chicks life when he later becomes a teen. Chick mimicked his dad from the way he did everything. He wanted to be just like his father. Leonard pushed and trained Chick to love the sport of baseball. He becomes good enough to get a scholarship for college.

Chick loved baseball, and because of that he makes the biggest mistake by choosing the sport over his mom. One day out of nowhere, chicks father called to ask him to play with professional baseball players. Chicks dad was scouting on teams out of town to make his son experience and see what’s it like to play with the best. He found a team whose willing to make chick play for them. Chick didn’t know if he should go or not but at the end he makes the decision to play with some pros. He had to hurry and leave by the next day, so that he could make it to the game.

Whilst Chick was at the game he saw his dad for the first time, he saw his dad sitting in the front of the stands. Chick also saw professional baseball players there too. When chick was away, his mom had gotten a heart attack. Chick found out later, after the game was done, he received a call from his wife that his mother had passed. The person who found Posey on the ground was Chick’s daughter Maria, she was surprisingly to be the narrator of the story. Maria was also the person at the beginning of the story who saw the ghost of her father, Charley Benetto.

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