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Because Chelsea village is significantly about the football matches, they need to be in a location that offers superior transport links, their actual location offers a versatile and wide range of transport links for example, and they are located near an underground railway station and a normal train station. The hotel is situated in the right place as well, Knightsbridge is considered to be a fashionable and wealthy town, rich business men may choose to stay at the Chelsea village hotel if staying in the area.

The Mega store also needs to have good connections to transport for incoming deliveries. The workforce at Chelsea village may not actually be too large, a few cleaners and tour guides when a match is not on, however on match day there will need to be a lot of security and police, and therefore the business is 09located in close proximity to a police station. The Mega store is located in the best place possible, adjoined to the stadium where hundreds of thousands of Chelsea fans pass through every year.

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Although Chelsea is renowned as one of the best teams, if you moved them stadium it would no longer be called Chelsea because of the location. The Chelsea stadium has stayed in the same place for at least 200 years and so a tradition has been formed to upgrade the stadium and not to move it.

If Chelsea was not located near good transport links they may suffer for example, thousands of Chelsea supporters rushing to the stadium and there is only 1 road for ten miles, traffic would be tremendous and also not everyone has cars.

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The Mega store also would be greatly disadvantaged if it was moved 2 miles down the road. In contrary to this, the Chelsea F.C will always have their faithful supporters to attend their matches even if it was located in the middle of nowhere. If Chelsea did not have the tradition of not moving to another location Chelsea F.C may be described as a footloose business.

VGS is located in the rural Nazing area. Because VGS is also a vegetable grower they need to have a lot of nutrient enriched land to grow their crops, Jimmy and Vince picked Nazing to set up their business there because the land is in good condition to grow crops and also the price of the land was very cheap to buy. If, for instance, they bought there land in London they would of paid tens of thousands more. If valley grown salads bought their farm land from a region that had poor soil, then their performance in the primary sector may be jeopardised. VGS’s partners are located internationally for example, Edom is located in Israel and they also supply goods to VGS.

Nazing has many roads, however the winding country roads that lead to the main roads may be a disadvantage for the lorry drivers, and however I’m sure that the employees will not find the roads as difficult to drive their cars to work on. Because VGS import produce from Spain and Israel there may need to be good transport links, for example the channel tunnel is an advantage and also the waters that lay between France and Britain are used extensively in the transportation of goods and people, therefore this, also is an advantage for VGS. The motorways that link the coast to Essex are also good for VGS, for example the M25 will be used in the transport of goods to VGS.

External influences of Chelsea Village Businesses, like Chelsea F.C, operate in an external environment; they will have competition from rivals businesses. However they may have to take account of legal, political, social and economic influences – these are all external influences. Chelsea F.C as a company will have many competitors for example, arsenal F.C. If the arsenal football team buy one of the most famous football players around this will pressure Chelsea in keeping up with who the fans want in their team, therefore competition is a significant external influence for Chelsea F.C.

External business environment is a factor to Chelsea village; however they may have little or no control over it for example, the rain may cancel an important FA cup match therefore disappointing the fans. The British economy may go through periods of fast and slow growth. Businesses, like Chelsea village, may prosper when the economy is ‘booming’ and living standards are rising, this is because Chelsea F.C offers a luxury/service that is not needed but wanted, if the economy is booming, people are earning more money, people have more money to spend on services like watching a Chelsea football match.

The legal system creates the rules, legislation. Government policy may support and encourage some business activities for example, enterprise. But the legal system may discourage others for example, the creation of pollution. Therefore Chelsea village may not be highly affected by legislation against Chelsea; however there may be a bit of legislation against the ‘football hooligans’. The exchange rates will ultimately affect Chelsea village profits and losses for example, when Jose Marino buys a new player abroad the foreign club would want to be paid in their own currency. The pound is has been strong recently; if the pound grows to 2 euros to 1 pound then Chelsea F.C may purchase the player for less money solely because of the exchange rates. Therefore choosing a moment to change up 20,000,000 pounds is risky.

For a company as big as Chelsea F.C there are many forms of inevitable pollution. Noise pollution is a major factor for the residents around the stadium and Chelsea F.C may have many complaints from residents claiming; all they can here on a match day is the Chelsea songs. Pollution in the form of litter will also be an annoyance for the residents situated in the stadium area for example, tens of thousands of hungry football fans exiting the stadium will inevitably litter. Air pollution may also be another factor created by Chelsea F.C for example, tens of thousands of football fans from around the world all commuting to Chelsea village will create a lot of pollution form; cars, planes, busses etc.

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