Football in Islam Essay

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Football in Islam

Introduction Football is considered to be the best popular sport in the world and became widespread after the Second World War. This game has gained importance these days all over the world and has come to be a significant phenomenon throughout the world. We see people becoming preoccupied with football matches more than being concerned with the fate of the Muslims throughout the world especially Muslims country in the war such Palestine and Syria. This preoccupation with football has also become the concern of newspapers and magazines, and football matches are aired regularly on TV screens.

Whatever news or stories relating to football clubs and players is publicised and all of this attracts people to sport and to players. Furthermore, the people’s emptiness and forgetfulness cause them to forget the main purpose of their creation and the real goal (of their lives) that they have to realise. This doesn`t mean football only shows negative impact at all, but we as a Muslims must beware and not make football as only purpose of life. We should make football as a sport that makes us healthy and strong so that we can be a good Muslim and preparation for jihad.

Show support and message to world on Palestine after scoring goal. Brief history of Football and its different types. Football is a game played between two teams which each have eleven players. They use a pumped up ball on a rectangular shaped playing field which has a goal at each end for each team. Each team tries to get the ball pass the goal-keeper of the opposing team in order to gain a point (goal) and in order to gain superiority over the rival by achieving more goals. There are many stories of how and where football originated. Some of these are as follows: a.

A football game existed in China as early as 206 B. C. (before century) By 500 C. E(common era), round balls stuffed with hair were being used. b. A game called “harpaston” was played in ancient Greece where a ball was propelled by any means across the opponents’ goal line, by the 2nd century B. C. it had migrated to Rome. Romans may have taken the game throughout Europe and England. c. There was a football game in 7th century Japan. d. Mob games played in medieval Europe where an inflated animal bladder was kicked, punched or carried.

However, the first clear signs that this game was being played was in England immediately after the sudden death of a goal-keeper on 23 February 1585 In the year 1863 the British Football Association (FA) was founded and it was the English who developed it and then it transferred from continent to continent throughout that century. It remained like this for around seventy years until 1930 and the English would always be victorious over smaller inexperienced teams. After this period the Latin America football teams emerged and surpassed the teams in Britain and elsewhere.

Today there are over 209 states that are members of FIFA and in most European cities weekly betting over football results take place, such as with the betting agency Toto. FIFA was established in Paris on the 21st May 1904 and under its jurisdiction formed the World Cup Championships in Monte Video, Uruguay. There are also other championships such as the European Championships, which is similar to the World Cup Championships, and was established in 1958 . Both the World Cup and European competitions are played every four years.

In addition to the well known variety of football, the harms of which we are about to make clear, there are other regional forms of similar games wherein inflated balls are used and are also known as “football”. Such games are played in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and Ireland, and they are 1. American football A very violent game indeed, it emerged in Harvard in 1872 and it was derived from the tradition of Rugby and named “football” whilst what is well known as football around the world is named “soccer” in America.

Each team consists of eleven players and they all use helmets on top of their heads and wear special protective clothing. 2. Australian football This game was founded in 1868 , the pitches that are used are of an oval shape whilst the ball resembles that of a Rugby ball. Each team consists of eighteen players and substitutes and fifteen who play on the actual pitch. Every player has an opponent and as for the other three they act as moving elements. When the ball passes the centre of the goal between an outer and inner post then the team scores a point.

If an attacking team is able to put the ball through the two in near posts (of a set of four posts) then they score six points. 3. Canadian football Generally it resembles American football and has the same terminologies along with it yet with some differing rules. Each team consists of 12 players instead of eleven1. Why football become epidemic? As we know, football game has been epidemics in people all over the world including Muslims not only for men but also women. It had been so due to several factors.

Firstly, the individual Muslim, living in a non-Muslim country, constantly faces a dilemma with regard to the environment in which he lives. In a country like South Africa where the Muslim community is a minority, it is not surprising that alien ideologies are unfortunately allowed to erode the Islamic code of life. The individual Muslim needs to be firm and strong in belief in order to avoid the various sources of temptation within this un-Islamic environment. Unfortunately, erroneous dictates of foreign cultures have become norms within the Muslim community.

For example, perceptions that this world is an end in itself and as such life should be enjoyed by engaging in such activities which provide for maximum satisfaction of the desires. Worldly pleasures have gained priority over the more important abode of the Hereafter (Akhirah). In the sporting context, Muslims have also started believing that peace of mind can only be achieved through football. The Western media is flooded and obsessed with football. Almost every newspaper and many magazines make some sort of reference to football. Television is swamped with football.

This widespread coverage of football has revolutionized Muslim homes. The ease of access to football due to television is a major reason why football has reached alarming proportions within Muslim society. Secondly, Muslim parents, teachers and even some Ulama openly encourage sport, without setting any limitations. The interests in football shown by Muslim adults together with a culture of hero worshipping of sportsmen have made children falsely believe that football is totally acceptable under all conditions. The common Muslim is seldom discouraged to become a football fanatic.

Thirdly, football has become a norm within Muslim society. The Muslim who shows little interest in football becomes marginalised in public discussions. Muslims believe that football is an acceptable means of public interaction2. Benefits of Football. The benefits and advantages of football in today’s times have been classified in terms of physical, social, economic factors. a. Physical Benefits 1. Health and fitness Playing football is one of the important factors which contribute to good health. Many studies have been carried out in order to determine the effect of football on health.

Generally, it has been shown that football, through physical exercise, can improve posture, promote physical fitness and good health. Modern medicine has also shown that playing footballs can prevent certain diseases such as obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis. From an Islamic perspective, physical fitness and physical strength are qualities which need to be developed, as can be seen from the following explanation by Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahmatullah alaih):”Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radiallahu anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahualaihi wasallam) said:

“A strong Believer is better than a weak Believer. ” “This Hadith speaks of physical strength as is clear from the explanation of the hadith by the authorities of Deen. Physical power and strength are abilities which Allah Ta’ala loves in his servants. Physical strength has to be developed by Believers. Since this is desirable, it follows that it is a duty upon one to preserve one’s health and develop one’s strength while at the same time it will be un-Islamic to resort to such practices which are harmful and injurious to one’s health.

Excessive eating, excessive sleeping and excessive indulgence in sexual relations are destructive to one’s health. In the same way, excessive reduction in food and sleep produces physical weakness. ‘3 2. Preparation for Jihad The maintenance of good health, the development of power and bodily strength are important in preparing for Jihad. Even some Muslim scholars had a opinion that one may participate in modern footballs if certain conditions are met and the aim is to build the physical and mental strengthens in preparation for Jihad.

3. Relaxation of the body and mind Most of the Ulama agree that relaxing the mind and body is sanctioned in Islam. This relaxation is beneficial for the individual, in that the object of life which is to worship Allah can be performed more earnestly and with greater devotion. b. Social Benefits 1. Development of Social Skills Football is often accredited with developing social skills in the individual. These include such skills as courtesy, fair play, and teamwork.

While this assertion may be true, it has to be pointed out that football is not the only means of acquiring such skills. Following the lifestyle of our Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and living an Islamic life from an early age, can inculcate in a Muslim all the social skills that are required. c. Economic Benefits 1. Employment Football has become a major industry due to the level of interest shown by the public. Hence, there are a significant number of people in the world today, who rely totally on football to make a living.

Avenues for earning wealth from purely football sources include the sale of tickets, marketing and sale of footballs equipment and clothing, operation of footballs facilities, researching into sport science, and publishing of specialized footballs magazines and journals. Some may say that the income generated from these avenues is not Halal according to the Shariah because this involves sanctioning of the many harms of football. However, it may be argued that a Muslim who sells a bow and arrow, for example, with the intention that the Muslim community may use it to train for Jihad is surely not transgressing any of the laws of Shariah.

Harms of football. 1. Exposure of the aurah (parts of the body which has to be necessarily covered). In football there is a considerable amount of exposing the ‘awrah. If it involves exposing the thighs and the people look at them and people are looking at each others thighs, then this is not permissible as the thighs are from the ‘awrah and covering the ‘awrah is obligatory except from the wives and concubines, in accordance with the statement of the prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wassallam):“Guard your ‘awrah, except from your wife or what your rights hands possess.

”The proofs that the thigh is from the ‘awrah are many, from them: what has been verified from imams Maalik, Ahmad, Aboo Daawood, Turmithee, Ibn Hibbaan and al-Haakim from Jarhad al-Aslamee(radi Allaahu ‘anhu) that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wassallam) passed by him and his thigh was exposed. The prophet (sallallaahualayhi wassallam) said: “Cover your thigh as it is from the ‘awrah. ”4 What has also been verified by Aboo Daawood and others from ‘Alee (radi Allaahu ‘anhu) , the Messenger of Allah said: “Do not expose your thigh and do not look at the thigh of the living of the dead.

”5. If this is known, then looking at other peoples ‘awrah is impermissible yet this is what takes place in football matches today. There is not a match where the thighs are not exposed and the ‘awrah of people are not discussed, this is the case even with female sports! Female can only playing football provided that all the spectator including coach and football stuff are woman. Futhermore, beautiful women appear on the TV screens as advertisements in order to cover the costs of broadcasters or other companies. 2. Foul play.

Modern soccer has developed into a war between players. Often, during the course of play, one player purposefully injures another by kicking, tripping and even punching. To prevent a player from a scoring a goal, a defender will use illegal tactics to stop him. This may cause severe physical injury. Can these kinds of barbaric deeds be called sport? 3. Spectator Problems Crowd trouble has become synonymous with football. Within the last 30 years, there have been many cases of crowd violence where scores of spectators have been killed or injured.

Soccer hooliganism has become prevalent due to uncivilised behaviour which is closely related to alcohol, music and fanatics. The impulse which stimulates action from a crowd frequently turns a peaceful crowd into a maddened mob where violence, hatred and revenge may prevail. The following examples clearly illustrate the extent of violence and crowd problems associated with football: a. 1964 – More than 300 people were killed and more than 500 were injured in a riot in Lima, Peru after a goal was disallowed in a match between Peru and Argentina.

b. 1984 – During the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus, 39 people were killed and more than 400 were injured due to crowd violence. This was due to rioting Liverpool fans who were drunk and armed with sticks, iron bars and bottles4. c. 1989 – 94 people were killed and about 150 seriously injured during the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. This occurred as thousands of people, some of whom were drunk, began rushing and pushing into the stadium.

As a result of the overcrowding, thousands of supporters were crushed into the perimeter fencing, which had been put there to prevent hooligans from invading the pitch5. Apart from these cases, there have been numerous cases of spectators invading the pitch, attacking players and stewards, looting and generally uncivilised behaviour. 4. Football fanatics. Football had becomes a means to divide the ummah and create enemity and hatred between individuals in it, wherein vile partisanship to different sports teams is common.

Thus this person encourages and supports one team and that person encourages and supports another, to the extent that the people of one family split up amongst themselves. This one follows a team and that one follows another team and the matter does not stop at mere support for teams, rather the followers of a winning team begin to make sarcastic comments about the losing team and at the end of it is argumentation and scuffling amongst supporters, which leads to people becoming wounded and fighting resulting in people dying, the victims of football!

The organisers of the world cup final between Brazil and Uruguay on July 16 1950 at the Maracanaa stadium in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, were ompelled to make a hole thirteen meters wide and a meter and a half deep to protect the players from the crowds and vice versa8. 5. Zionist conspiration. Football competitions have become destructive elements that are used by the enemies of Islam, as what they encourage attaches honour to the ummah.

As now the ummah, in the name of different sports including football, wastes considerable money and time. Instead of the ummah being occupied with beneficial actions and beneficial manufactures, the ummah has become within the rank of developed countries, from the backward nations and countries. Furthermore, the ummah needs to become occupied with the thought of struggling against its enemies, this issue of which is of great importance.

Another thing that emphasises this is what is found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion9 under protocol thirteen: “In order to keep the masses in misguidance, not knowing what is going on behind or in front of them, we will increase in averting their minds by way of a variety of amusements, humorous games and different types of sports, along with vain talk to nourish their tastes and desires. Furthermore, we hope to increase in the building of fine palaces and beautified structures. We will also produce publications that call to art competitions and sport.

” By observing what the magazines and newspapers spread we find amazing figures regarding the fees spent on transferring players from team to team. 36 These figures even reach their tens of thousands not to mention the amount of money spent on coaches, managers, football pitches and broadcasting, and likewise all of the money that the spectators pay. For example, billionaire from Arabic country buy big club such as Manchester City and used the money for player transaction and advertising the club whilst some Islamic country starve and suffer from war.

Conclusion It is not said that football is totally unbeneficial at all. Nowaday, Muslim professional football player are increasing especially in Europe region and become key player of a big club. In any condition, they should place their religion as a priority. Sevilla’s player, Freddie Kanoute has showed a very good example of Muslim footballer and role model to other professional player. He fast and play even during ramadhan and donate large portion of his salary for the Muslim charity in his country, Mali10.

We also as a Muslim can get involved in football either participating or just watching provided that we had settled and not neglected other important needs as a Muslim such as salah, respecting our parents and have a good relationship with others. One must weigh between benefits and harm before take any action. Muslim football celebration after scoring a goal. Female Muslims also can play football with hijab.

References. 1. Reilly, Thomas; Gilbourne, D.”Science and football: a review of applied research in the football code” published in 2003. Journal of Sports Science 21: 693–705. 2. Mufti Ahmed E. Bemat. , Islam and Games,Tadkeshwar, Surat, Gujrat, India, translated into English from Gujrati by Prof Murtaz Husain F. Quraishi, Navsari, Gujrat, India,(1989). 3. (Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alaih), Hayatul Muslimeen, Prepared by Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa, Port Elizabeth, p. 109 ) . 4. Authenticated by al-Bukhaaree in his saheeh (vol.1, 478) ;Ahmad in al-Musnad (volume. 3,478) ;

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