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Football hero

The book I read was Football Champ by Time Green. The setting of the book is Atlanta, Georgia during the fall. The main places in the story are the Atlanta Falcons Stadium, Troy’s middle school and football field, and Troy’s house. The story is written in first person because Troy (the main character) is telling the story. There is figurative language in this story. On page 229 a simile is used that says “he’s big and slow like a turtle”.

There is also an idiom on page 57 that says “the Duluth fans poured over the fence, swarming the end zone”. The main character of Football Champ is Troy. He is a middle school football player and a football genius. Troy is strong, brave, and good hearted. Another main character is Seth who is a NFL linebacker and dating Troy’s mom. Seth is kind, strong, and fights for what he believes in. Troy’s mom is another important character. She is caring and kind. She takes care of Seth and Troy.

Troy’s best friends, Nathan and Tate, are middle school football players. They care about Troy and help him solve the problems caused by Peele, the main bad guy. Peele is a reporter trying to destroy Troy and Seth. The main problem in the story is Peel and Seth’s doctor working together to destroy Seth’s football career by lying about Seth using steroids. Peel also lies about Troy and convinces the NFL that Troy is stealing the other team’s playbooks. Peel is trying to do this because he blames Seth for ruining his football career.

Troy and his friends solve the problem by going to Seth’s doctor and getting him to tell the truth about Seth on DVD. Troy and Seth prove that Troy did not steal the playbooks by going to one of the other NFL owners and showing him that Troy is a real football genius. Seth gets to continue in the NFL and Troy gets to work with the Atlanta Falcons. The moral of Football Champ is to never give up. I figured this out when Troy played his middle school football games.

The other teams were always bigger and better, but Troy and his team never gave up. They ended up winning all of their games. They proved to everyone who doubted them that they were wrong. The book Football Champs was amazing in my opinion. It was hard for me to put this book down because it was fun to read. I would recommend this book to 5th and 6th graders because it was made for them. I chose this book because I love football and the author is Tim Green. He has a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons.

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