Family Dynamics in Professional Writing: Thane, Ty, and Uncle Gus

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Ty Lewis is Thane’s younger brother and the protagonist. Uncle Gus works for a family cleaning business. He is Thane and Ty’s uncle. Thane is Ty’s older brother. He starts off in college and gets drafted to the NY Jets.

Ty Lewis has a major internal and external conflict. One major internal conflict that he had in the book was with his Uncle Gus. Ty’s parents died in a car crash and he was forced to live with his aunt and uncle.

After awhile, Uncle Gus was using Ty to find the inside scoop on his famous brother Thane “Tiger” Lewis. Uncle Gus forced Ty to ask him about the injury report on his team the New York Jets. Uncle Gus would then gamble with other men based on Ty’s report. Ty knew it was wrong to gamble and cheat like this, but he also knew that he had no choice.

Ty was a little kid who knew a lot about football and was very close to his brother.

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On the other hand, Uncle Gus a big and mean guy who likes to gamble and bet his money with tough men. One major external conflict was between Uncle Gus and Ty’s brother Thane. At the end of the story, Thane and Uncle Gus were arguing about who should keep Ty. Thane thought that he should be Ty’s guardian because he was the only family Ty had left and it was important that they stay together.

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On the other hand, Uncle Gus wanted to keep Ty because he wanted him to do his chores and help him with his gambling.

Ty Lewis, a recent orphan, hopes that by moving to New Jersey with his guardian, Uncle Gus, he will be able to play football and be closer to his older brother, Thane, who is on the verge of starting an NFL career. Instead of letting him play football, Gus at first presses him into service scrubbing toilets and gathering insider gambling information. Ty eventually gets to play, but with a cost that could endanger him and his brother, and involves the FBI and the Mafia before it’s over.

I can relate to Ty because I played football for high school. I would get picked on every day. I ended up showing people up. He is fast like me, he is small and skinny, almost like me, and he’s smart like me.

I liked this book. It’s a sports and drama book. I am really into sports books. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama books and/or sports books.

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Family Dynamics in Professional Writing: Thane, Ty, and Uncle Gus

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