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Football helmet

The average tackle football player has a natural tendency to experience fear and tension when thinking about the heavy rate of concussion injuries within the sport. In response to the violently physical nature of the game, Riddell Sports has produced a helmet that provides the best defense to worries and consequences of a concussion. The Riddell Revolution 360 football helmet has been constructed by engineers to protect the mental processes and safety of players. As a football player myself, I can think of no better alternative for head trauma prevention than this helmet.

Riddell takes into account and states that players sustain roughly 950 impacts to the head over the course of a season. As a result of this, the helmet places a strong emphasis on protection of the most impacted part of the head, the front. Patented in 2012, HIT technology was established by Riddell in their experiment labs to measure the severity and location of head impacts from all directions. This technology proves that detrimental impact to the brain can go unnoticed or misunderstood, and use it to prevent future mental problems for players.

This product changes the way participants feel comfortable and confident on the playing field more than ever before. The technology that is added includes a new carbon steel facemask that flexes in reaction to impact. Also added to the helmet was a new face frame structure which is made up of continuous hexagonal shaped padding on the interior that shapes to players heads for a custom and tight fit. This is important for reducing the amount of force to the head, which will allow the sport to be more commonly tolerated by everyone interested.

With the rise of cognitive damage in football due to head trauma, parents are more hesitant than ever to allow their children play the game at a young age. However, parents can be assured that the expanded technology in the Riddell 360 will protect their children like never before. Customers will instantly feel the difference in protection when they place the helmet on for the first time! Although this product is revolutionary to the sport, there is a steep cost necessary to consider before purchasing it. The helmet itself has a retail value of $450 which could scare some customers away.

This price does not appeal to high school or university student athletes who typically are looking for the best deal possible. However, the helmet is vastly popular amongst professional players and university athletic departments who have the income to buy the product at ease. The helmet also has plenty of cheaper competitors that provide more financially reasonable selections. Although the other products may be cheaper, the helmet Riddell has designed contains technology and protection that no other competitors can match.

The helmet is a symbol of how far technology has advanced in sports to accommodate the needs of its participants. Football is notorious for its wide spectrum of physical limitations to those interested in playing, but innovation within the labs at Riddell have allowed for these barriers to slowly come crashing down over the years. The Riddell Revolution 360 football helmet should be strongly considered by all those striving to play the game of football in its safest possible fashion.

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