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Football concussions Essay

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Football concussions

I. Introduction- Head injuries are becoming a major problem in athletics such as football. a. Background info i. A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. A concussion can also be caused by violent movement or jarring of the head or neck. ii. Football is the most common sport to result in concussions b. Thesis Statement i. The increase of concussions in football has had a profound efffect on athletes and should be further evaluated for safety and scientific research. II. Football is a leading cause of concussions a.

Numerous studies have established in recent years that brain trauma routinely occurs at every level of football i. Football is a contact sport ii. NFL veterans show vastly disproportionate rates of neurological disease, like Alzheimer’s, as well as depression that can lead to suicide III. Football is becoming dangerous to those who play a. What are we doing to help i. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sponsors a “Heads Up” campaign, drawing attention to the dangers of concussion in youth sports. ii. Medical journals and the popular press are highlighting the issue . b. The effects/is it working? i.

Many football players seem to “shrug off” the injury because they don’t want to sit out for a long recovery period. ii. When there is risk associated with playing tackle football, why do people continue to play? And for parents, should I let my kids play tackle football? ” Goodell continued, “These are valid, important questions. ” IV. Football is a huge part of American entertainment and culture a. Football is not only America’s definitive mass entertainment and a huge economic force, filling coffers of media conglomerates and universities large and small. i.

It provides the main measure of American masculinity.ii. It promotes beer ads that run during every time-out b. Football cannot be changed i. Because football is such an important part of a national culture, it cannot be changed. Many people believe that “violence is key” in football. ii. Making the game “more safe” would be completely changing the game. V. Conclusion- a. Football is a leading cause for concussions, therefore many argue whether or not football should be changed, or left out all together. b. Before playing football you should know to wear protective gear and be aware of the head injuries you could be subjected to.

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