Football and Its dangers

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Abstract The dangers of American Football are obvious and have been apparent for many years, especially for those who play and those who have played the game. But its dangers although apparent have caused injuries which have caused controversial debates about how safe the sport really is and the pain it has caused for so many players now retired from the sport.

Usually the blame falls on the Sport, but nothing could be further from the truth, which will be further discussed within this paper.

Football and its Dangers Although Football is described as a fun sport, packed with excitement, it is also known for career ending injuries, brain damage and paralysis. But Football being a recreational past time has found its way into the hearts of millions of Americans and seems to remain extremely popular despite its proclaimed dangers.

Football also presents dangers that cause damage that is invisible to the eye but affects hundreds of former players; some of these invisible scars such as memory loss can affect a player tremendously but are definitely outweighed by Money and Fame which unfortunately cloud the minds of many players.

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Clearly a choice needs to be made, is Football more important than your health? If so then the player, if injured, has no legitimate argument. Playing Football just comes with its own share of downfalls, which Players of the sport of football are usually aware of.

When asking players present and past they will explain that their love for the game outweighs any risks; in addition players make a personal choice to play the sport which means no one is forcing them to do anything, this is a similar scenario as telling someone not to drink and drive but they continue despite the dangers.

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When investigating the main factors of Football which attract players to the game, it becomes evident that hits are high on that list , this aspect alone should deter those in fear of injuries , but players simply do not care, and view injuries as just another aspect of the sport they love.

Although Football is extremely dangerous, the players are provided with certain protection which limits injury to the players head and body, these safety measures have also improved tremendously over the years and with new rules established that protect players it is safe to say that Football has become less dangerous than previously thought, not to mention the referees which supervise each games activity in order to assure safety with in the game and to enforce the safety measures implemented to keep players safe.

The sports safety measures are relatively effective and have been deemed as sufficient by both fans and players, despite much positivity around the sport, many critics of football believe the sport is unsafe because players are vulnerable to injury and brain damage that can be fatal. The NFL despite criticism remains positive that Safety measures are indeed productive in the protection of players and with improvements over the last five decades the organization is certain it is doing everything to protect its player’s health.

Ultimately every person has the freedom of making decisions, which leads directly to the player, which makes the final choice either to play or not to play, and with the dangerous clear and apparent, there shall be no scrutiny of the game. Conclusion Although Football may have its’ dangers, It is a sport that is enjoyed, loved and like many others things in life it is,” a choice”, which is made voluntarily and freely, if injuries occur, it is not the dangers of the game that caused them, but instead its players which made the choice of playing the sport.

This is directly related to taking responsibility for one’s own actions, which is part being an Adult. Last but not least, the sport of Football has clear rules and regulations, with that being said, if one decides to look past the warning signs and health risks involved with any particular sport, it is the sole responsibility of that player to face the consequences of his actions.

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Football and Its dangers

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