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Food Security of Bangladesh

Though they have taken so many initiatives for food security recently, but those are not sufficient comparatively to our growing population. Although food grain is more available in good harvest years, Bangladesh as a whole still has a very low level of nutrition. This means many households and individuals do not eat a balanced, nutritious diet, even in good years. According to the World Bank, approximately 33 million of the 150 million people in Bangladesh cannot afford an average daily intake of more than 1800 kilocalories (the minimum standard for nutrition as set by the World Food Program).

For people in most developing countries, the daily calorie average is 2,828. In Bangladesh, that average is only 2,190. Poverty is the major factor effecting food security in Bangladesh. Despite the impressive increases in food grain, around half of Bangladeshis remain below the established food based poverty line. And, as many as one third are living in extreme poverty and severely undernourished. Recent food price increases, regular natural disasters, and strains on the global economic market have caused additional destabilization.

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Bangladesh is a agricultural land. And our country comprises 30% of GDP by producing food. Rice is our main food and our population requires 55. 0 million tons of rice per year. However our country is now producing 27. 32 million tons for more than 140 million people (BBS and DAE, 2007). Though the growth of productivity goes up, but these growths of productivity cannot reduce the poor people’s hunger of our country. Without rice, Bangladesh cultivates other crop, vegetables and fruits. Though having natural calamities production of these things are well.

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But to distribute all over the country Bangladesh has to import some. And for this reason market price of these foods remain high for some corrupted business, tax and for unplanned steps of government. For this reasons people of our country suffer a lot recently. Not only this, imbalanced and unequal livelihood is quite responsible for food security. There are so many rich peoples in Bangladesh who leads luxurious life, eat rich and expensive and at the same time waste a lot. And they don’t have any concern about the poor people of their country!

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