Food, Nutrition and Some Controversies About Mcdonald’s Essay

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Food, Nutrition and Some Controversies About Mcdonald’s

As you know Mc Donald’s is a chain of fast food restaurants. In Mc Donald’s you could find a variety of food for every part of the day. At the morning you will find some breakfast based on eggs, savory sausage and hot cakes. You could also drink some coffee a latte, a cappuccino or maybe a caramel frappe. If you go for lunch you will find the principal menu based on a sandwich and French fries. There are a lot of types of sandwiches: the chicken one, a sandwich made with fish, the variety of hamburgers and also the nuggets.

If you want something sweet there are some desserts and many types of ice creams like Mc flurry, sundae or the basic one. In these time most of people want to be fit so they want to eat healthy food and this restaurant offered a menu for these public this menu is based on salad with chicken or a fruit salad. There are a lot of problems related with fast food because of the saturated fat and the low-nutrient that contributes to the body.

That’s why fast food is also known as junk food. To reduce these problems Mc Donald’s use now the Canola oil to fry the hamburgers and the French fries. These problems are also why many people prefer to eat the vegetable or fruit salad. In 2004 Morgan Spurlock, an American producer and filmmaker, directed Super Size Me, a movie about a man who ate only McDonald’s during a whole month. After watching this film people start thinking about how unhealthy fast food is.

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