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Food Label Report Essay

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Eating and food are part of the way human beings live. Besides being an important source of nutrients, food is also essential for good emotional, physical and social well being of human beings. The main concern for AGHE (Australian Guide to Healthy Living) is physical health. Its main aim is to offer information on all types of foods that can be included daily in ones diet. This report was carried out to evaluate food labels on five products represented by AGHE.

This report details the findings as follows. 1. Jewel Whole Grain Bread (500g) Food nutrients

The food label indicates that this type of bread should be served as a single size. Each serving constitutes a total of eighty calories, and 10 calories from fat. Total fat in a serving is 1 gram. This is unsaturated fat since the food lacks Trans fat, polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. The daily value of the fats required is 2% of one gram. The next item found in jewel bread is Sodium which constitutes 130 grams .

The daily value of sodium is 5%. This is followed by Total carbohydrates which is 14 grams and has a daily value of 5percent.

Dietary fiber constitutes 1 percent and has a daily intake of 4 % where as sugars constitute 2% . The last nutrient on this food label is protein and is valued at 3grams. The daily intake of protein is 6 %( Michael). The estimated percentage of calories in jewel bread is seventy percent from carbohydrates, fifteen percent from proteins and point two percent from fats (Michael). The calorie estimates on this bread are intended for a person weighing 1451b. According to AGHA a sample serves of bread is two slices of bread for persons aged four years and above is three to four serves each day.

The recommended serves for adults is seven serves. Where as the AGHE Recommends two slices of bread per serving, Jewel breads recommends one slice of bread. Core food groups Jewel whole grain bread belongs in group one foods which comprises of breads, cereal, rice, pasta and Noodles (AGHA). According to the recommended sample size for bread is between seven to eleven serves for adolescent boys and between four to seven serves for adolescent girls. Women aged between 19 and 60 years are supposed to have between four to nine serves per day.

Percentage macronutrients in Jewel bread According to the label on this food, 500g 14g carbohydrates in 500g is equivalent to 28g carbohydrates in 100g bread 28g/100 ? 100= 28% carbohydrates 3 grams of protein in 500g is equivalent to 0. 6g in 100g of bread 0. 6/100 ? 100 = 0. 6% proteins The recommended daily value of carbohydrates is 2% where as the recommended protein value in 100g bread is 6%. From the above findings the bread does not conform to the recommended dietary intake. Major nutrients The major nutrients in Jewel whole white bread is carbohydrate and protein.

The main purpose of carbohydrates is to provide energy fro the body. However carbohydrates do not constitute essential nutrients because energy can still be synthesized from proteins and fats. If taken in excess carbohydrates can lead to obesity and increased prevalence of heart diseases. The second major nutrient in bread is protein(Pharmacy Inc). The main functions of proteins include body building and repair of warn out tissues, energy giving during starvation. Taking excessive proteins leads to kidney failure and proteinuria. 2. Jewel California Blend Frozen vegetables (250 g)

Food nutrients The nutrient facts on Jewel frozen vegetable food label indicates that the serving sample is two thirds of a cup. The calories in this vegetable are 25. Sodium constitutes 30 mg and the daily value of sodium is 1%, total carbohydrates is 4g with a daily percentage value of 1%,diatary fiber and sugars constitutes 2% each with a daily value requirement of 8% dietary fiber. The protein present in this vegetable is 1g and a daily value of 2%. The vegetables also comprises of vitamins A and C with a daily value of 10% and 35% respectively and lastly calcium with a daily value of 2%.

The estimated calories are 64. 0% from carbohydrates, 16. 0% from proteins and 0. 0 percent from fats. The food label on this food is in accordance with the AGHE. According to AGHE the recommended sample serve for vegetables is a half a cup or 75 grams of cooked vegetables. Jewel California frozen vegetable should be kept under refrigeration. Jewel California Frozen vegetable do not comply with the AGHE, Because AGHE recommends that foods in this group should have much of vitamin, followed by minerals, as well as dietary fiber and finally carbohydrates.

According to the food label the vegetables have high carbohydrate content as opposed to minerals and vitamins. Core food groups Jewel California frozen vegetables belongs in group two foods which is made up of vegetables and legumes. Persons aged over four years should have two to nine sample serves on daily basis. The sample size for adults aged 19-60 years is five samples serves (AGHE p21). Percentage macronutrients in Jewel California Frozen Vegetables 250g of frozen vegetables 0. 3 g of sodium in 250g hence 0. 0012g will be in 100g % sodium is 0. 125

Vitamin C is 35% The food conforms to the daily dietary intake recommendations. Major nutrients The main nutrients in this group are vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are very important in a human body because they protect the body against illnesses. For instance vitamin A enhances growth of bones, mucous membrane hair and eyes; Vitamin D promotes tooth and bone development; vitamin E is responsible for protection of fat tissue from oxidation as well as red corpuscles synthesis, enhances cardiac blood flow, reduces cholesterol level in the blood including fatty tissues;.

Minerals on the other hand are also essential in human body. For instance calcium is important in teeth and bone formation; iron is important in blood synthesis; Iodine prevents goiter via promoting growth of thyroid gland; copper enhances absorption of iron; Zinc enhances vitamin B absorption and reduces cholesterol deposition (Pharmics INC). 3. Fresh lemon 25g Food nutrients Nutritional facts on the food label on a lemon indicated that one seedless fruit weighing 108g should constitute one serving. Each serving should have 22 calories 3 of which are from fats.

The lemon constituted three milligrams of sodium, 1 gram of protein and total carbohydrates constituted 12 grams five of which are from fibers. % daily values with respect to a calorie diet of 2000 are vitamin A, 1%, Calcium 7%, Thiamin 4%, Niacin 1%, Vitamin B6 6%, phosphorus 2%, Zinc 1%, Vitamin C 139%, Iron 4%, Riboflavin 3%, Pantothetic Acid 3%, Potassium 4%, Magnesium 3% and Copper 14 %( Peer trainer). AGHE recommends that one sample serve of fruits is one sizeable fruit. Core food groups According to AGHE, Fresh lemon belongs in the third food group which comprises of all kinds of fruits including apples, oranges, pears and bananas.

Adults are advised to eat at least one to five sample of a fruit on a daily basis. This food label meets the AGHE standards. Percentage macronutrients 1g of protein is equivalent to 17 kJ where as I g of carbohydrates is equivalent 17 kJ (Soccer performance). 1 calorie is equivalent to 4. 184 kJ. Therefore, 22 calories ? 4. 184 is equivalent to 92. 048 kJ of energy (Weight loss program). 1 g of protein ? 17Kj = (17/92. 048) ? 100 = 18. 47 % energy 12g of carbohydrates ? 17Kj = (204/ 92. 048) ? 100 = 97. 6% energy Major nutrients The main nutrients found in fruits are vitamin C, folate, natural sugars as well as fibers.

Vitamin C is critical in collagen formation where as natural sugars fiber on the other hand adds bulk to a diet. Fiber aids in digestion, prevents constipation, aids in treatment of diabetes, heart diseases and diverticulitis. Too much fiber in the diet is harmful especially when eaten within a short time can result to abdominal cramps, flatulence and bloating (New York Times 2010). 4. Wild harvest organic yogurt(450g) Food nutrients The food label on wild harvest organic yogurt indicated that one serving constitutes one cup of yogurt. The total calories in this type of yogurt are 190, total fat constitutes 3g where as saturated fat is 2g.

Other nutrients include sodium which is 130g, sugars 31g protein 8g and total carbohydrates 35g. The yogurt lacks vitamins (Michaels). The yoghurt is to be kept under refrigeration. This label correlates with the AGHE measures which states that a sample serve is equivalent to 200g yoghurt which is equivalent to one carton. Core food groups According to AGHE yoghurt belongs in the fourth food group together with cheese and milk. A sample serve for yoghurt is 200g . Adults are supposed to have at least two sample serves of yogurt on daily basis. Percentage macronutrients Total grams 450 3g of fat /450 = 0. 007? 100 =7% fat

8g of protein /450 ? 100 = 1. 78% protein 35g of carbohydrates/450 = 7. 78% carbohydrates This food label conforms to the AGHE. This is because the main food nutrient found in yoghurt is fat and as it can be noted from the calculations, fat is has the highest percentage. Major nutrients The main nutrients found in this group include calcium and fats. Calcium is important in bone and teeth formation. Fat is important because it provides more than 80% of the bodies energy requirement, it protects essential organs of the boy as well as acting as a thermal insulator this is because it is a bad conductor of heat..

Fat is used in transportation of fat- soluble vitamins and finally it is a hunger suppressor. Fat provides an important part of skin which holds the skin together. Fat is essential in the activation of the flow of bile, hence gall bladder emptying, it important in the formation of the structure of brain as well as production of hormones to initiate and regulate body activities (Weight loss program). 5. Ball park fat free beef franks(100g) Food nutrients The food label indicated on this food showed that the food should be served as one frank (50. 0grams) per serving.

(Soccer performance . org)The total calories present in the food were 45. The food constitutes of 10mg of cholesterol, 420 mg of sodium, 5. 0 g of total carbohydrates, 2g of sugars, 6% of Vitamin C, 45 of iron and 6. 0 g of proteins (Weight loss program). The values were founded on a caloric diet of 2000 calories. It is rich in vitamin C. Ball park fat free beef franks expiry date is 22nd of May 2010. AGHE values for a single serve is higher than what has been provided on the food label. AGHE recommends that a sample serve for cooked meat should be between 65g and 100g. Core food groups

Meat belongs in the fifth food groups alongside chicken, lean mince, fish, lentils, eggs and peas. Adults are encouraged to eat between one to two serves of meat per day. Percentage macronutrients I g of fat is equivalent to 38 kJ, 1g of protein is equivalent to 17 kJ where as I g of carbohydrates is equivalent 17 kJ (Soccer performance). 1 calorie is equivalent to 4. 184 kJ. Therefore, 45 calories ? 4. 184 is equivalent to 188. 28 kJ of energy (Weight loss program). 5g of carbohydrates /100 = 0. 05 ? 100 = 5% carbohydrates 6g of protein / 100 = 0. 06 ? 100 = 6 % proteins Iron 4% The food product conforms to AGHE food guidelines.

This is because the daily requirement for protein from meat is 2% and iron 4%. Major nutrients The major nutrients found in meat are protein and iron. Protein is important because it aids in repairing and building worn out tissues, it is a source of energy, it maintains the skin, nails and hair and it is important in the overall body functions like muscle contraction, and nutrient transport. Nearly 45 percent of the human body is made up of proteins (Soccerperformance. org). Iron is important in the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin which transport oxygen in muscles and blood.

Iron is also important in that it assists the white blood cells produce element essential in combating bacteria. It also aids in the synthesis of many critical neurotransmitters. Bibliography AGHE , Enjoy A Variety Of Foods Every Day, Accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www. health. gov. au/internet/main/publishing. nsf/Content/E384CFA588B74377CA256F190004059B/$File/fd-cons. pdf Jewel Whole Grain bread. Accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www. livestrong. com/thedailyplate/nutrition-calories/food/jewel/whole-grain-bread/ Michaels Jillian, ‘calories in wild harvest organic yogurt’ accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www.

myfitnesspal. com/food/calories/wild-harvest-organic-low-fat-vanilla-yogurt-848062 New York times (2010) , ‘Fiber’ accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://health. nytimes. com/health/guides/nutrition/fiber/overview. html Peertrainer. com , ‘Calories in fresh lemons’ accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www. peertrainer. com/DFcaloriecounterB. aspx? id=2117 Pharmics Inc, ‘Functions of vitamins and minerals’ accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www. pharmics. com/welcome. htm Soccerperformance. org, ‘Nutrition: Energy Expenditure’ accessed on 20/05/2010 from http://www. soccerperformance. org/specialtopics/energyexpendit

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