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According to writer, Albert Camus, “Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurants revolving door. ” A good restaurant should contain a luminous environment, delicious food, and have a friendly staff. Benihanas excels in all of these categories, which is what makes it such a great restaurant. Now let me tell you a few reasons why this restaurant is so good. Benihanas has a beautiful environment from the exterior to the interior. When you first walk up you notice that the exterior always is well picked up and the bushes are always trimmed and the paint looks always new.

There is a waiter waiting to open the doors for your entrance and direct you to the bar while you wait, that is if you need to be waited. The inside always has wiped down tables, fresh plates, and silverware that are neatly folded in a napkin. There is beautiful Japanese art like Samurai Soldiers, Straight 2 Buddha’s and cherry blossom plants that fill the walls.

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The restaurant makes you feel like you are relaxed, comfortable, and at peace. In addition to their great art and good environment, they have amazing food. The most interesting fact about Benihanas is that they cook on an amazing hibachi grill.

They serve fried rice, filet minion, shrimp, scallops, and calamari all cooked to your taste. Dinner comes with a salad and onion soup as a side dish or sushi rolls if you choose to order them. The chefs, while cooking, perform countless tricks.

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One is known as the “egg roll”, which is when they spin the egg and make it roll down the spatula before they break it and add it to the rice. The other is the onion volcano were they stack the onion layers on top of one another and add oil to the inside and then the heat from the grill causes smoke to rise above the onion shaped volcano.

Lastly the heart beat rice, they shape the rice into a heart and put their spatula underneath it and pump it as if the rice has a rapid heartbeat. The best part is seeing them cook right in front of you so you know the food is fresh, cooked right, and not tampered with. That being said along with their amazing food they also have an amazing staff. Benihanas staff is wonderful and they have the friendliest individuals with great personalities that make your time there really fun and interesting.

When you first walk in depending on what time you go of course, they greet you with the most welcoming of smiles. They have you seated and treat you with the utpmost respect and pay attention Straight 3 to each detail to make sure you get the best satisfaction. The chefs entertain you the whole time by either making jokes or doing funny tricks to make sure everyone is having a good time, so they really interact with their guest to make you feel like you’re at home with a bunch of family and friends. The waitresses and waiters always make sure you are enjoying your meal as well.

From a recent experience, I had dropped my pop on the floor, which to my dismay I was as a red as a siracha bottle. She told me it was ok which made me feel safe and less embarrassed. Benihanas is the best Japanese restaurant. Yes there are other hibachi grills but nothing compares to Benihanas. They have a wonderful, fun, and clean environment with amazing food and a wonderful staff. The chefs and waitresses always make sure your well taken care of and that you have a good time. This will always be a restaurant I want to go to, and I will always crave the hibachi grill.

and iIf you don’t believe me, thean go see for yourself. Evaluation Essay Grading Rubric ENG 121 Instructor: Kathy Mullins Student: Brittney Outstanding Strong Adequate Limited / Unacceptable Writer’s Approach analysis presents fresh and defensible insights into the topic academic in tone, demonstrating a clear sense of purpose and audience writer’s voice is evident—confident, competent, and sophisticated vocabulary and phrasing are academically appropriate and persuasive writer is clearly engaged with and moved by her/his thinking process

Audience The writer clearly conveys through tone, vocabulary, and approach that he/she has identified a specific audience for the essay. Introduction engaging introduces the essay’s general topic and inspires thinking about that topic logically proceeds to thesis (if appropriate) clearly written or revised to reflect thoughts that developed during the writing process Thesis easily identifiable, well-phrased argument that addresses a specific idea to be analyzed and proven in the essay reflects sound critical, analytical thinking

entire essay remains focused on this clear thesis Body Paragraphs each paragraph focuses on a single point that is clearly connected to the thesis graceful and logical transitions between ideas within the paragraph and from paragraph to paragraph. Conclusion The conclusion does more than simply summarize the points of each paragraph. In short, it sizzles instead of fizzles. Outside Sources writer makes sophisticated, insightful points and uses concrete details from at least _____ reputable outside sources to support these points and the

thesis powerfully chosen evidence is thoroughly examined, explained, and clearly relevant to the thesis ratio of outside sources to writer’s words/ideas does not exceed (roughly) 20/80 Direct quotes, summaries, and paraphrases always include a “signal phrase” to introduce the source, establish credibility, and provide context for the source Quotes are followed by analysis, explanation, interpretation, examples, etc. Appropriate MLA in-text citations used Paraphrases (or summaries) were clearly written by the student and do not reflect a “copy-paste-change-a-few-words” approach Not applicable Works Cited

appropriately formatted Works Cited page that follows all MLA rules and conventions Works Cited entries match appropriately formatted in-text citations Not applicable Mechanics, Syntax, and Grammar Effective mechanics, syntax, and grammar demonstrate a mastery of writing conventions, do not confuse or distract the reader, and serve the author’s purpose. Other (for specific writing assignments): The writer has identified clear and specific criteria for the evaluation. The essay is between 2 ? and 3 pages long. It is double-spaced, uses 12 point Times New Roman font, and has the appropriate headers.

Writing Workshop – The writer brought the assigned number of printed copies of a complete rough draft to the writing workshop(s) and fully participated in the peer review process. WORKSHOP POINTS See D2L Gradebook TOTAL ESSAY POINTS 40/50 Mid-Point Writing Reflection (and Kathy’s response) Here is what you wrote on the D2L Discussion Board as you were in the process of writing this essay. We did not do this with the first essay. This section is for essays 2 – 5. Dear Kathy Letter (and Kathy’s response) Here is what you wrote when you were finished with your essay.

Dear Kathy, I think my paper wasn’t necessarily hard but I did think I could have put more similes or more details in there to make it sound a little better. I did struggle a bit knowing exactly how to write an evaluation, but I did read the evaluations in the book but I just couldn’t understand the steps to follow. So I went ahead and printed an evaluation outline which helped a lot and writing the paper ran more smoothly. I would like a lot of feedback in the detail area and I would like it if you could help me find areas in the paper that I can brighten more.

I feel that I should use Purdue owl or perhaps read a poem or something to get an idea of how to lighten up my writing. Since my last essay reflection I feel I have gotten better with my grammar and my punctuation. Brittney, your strength in this essay is definitely organization. I’m glad you looked online for an example outline. Way to be resourceful! ? One thing to watch out for is that you stick with the criteria you identify for your evaluation. You tell your reader that a good restaurant should have “delicious food,” but you never once describe the mouthwatering, savory goodness of Benihanas’ food!

I also agree that you could “lighten up” your writing, but I think you’re making great progress already. I could see good examples of descriptive writing throughout your essay. I think it will just take practice to make it feel more natural. You’re definitely on the right track! I’m looking forward to reading your next essay. Kathy Reflection on Personal Writing Goals (and Kathy’s response) Here is what you wrote about your progress toward your self-identified writing goals. You have not set goals yet. This section is for essays 2 – 5. WRITING PLAN

Follow the instructions in each of the sections below. When you are finished, upload the new document to the appropriate D2L Dropbox by the specified due date. Reflection on Feedback Re-read your essay. As you read your words, stop and read the feedback I wrote in the margins of your essay. Also look at the grading rubric and my comments at the end of your essay. In the space below, reflect on this feedback: What feedback made the most sense or was the most helpful? Be specific. (“When you said, _____, I realized ______. ”) Did any of my feedback confuse you?

If so, what was it? Again, be specific. Now that you have a fresh perspective on your essay, what do you like best about your writing? Writing Goals and Plans Identify 1 or 2 goals for your next essay. Goals do not have to be related to my feedback. They can be about any part of the writing process, but they should not be about grammar! Goal One: How will you work on this goal? What, specifically, will you do? Goal Two: How will you work on this goal? What, specifically, will you do? Editing Challenge What is your editing challenge for your next essay?

(I will identify an “Editing Challenge” somewhere in your essay. ) Run-on sentences How did you learn about your topic? Highlight all that apply. How to Write Anything textbook Writer’s Help (www. writershelp. com) Video (list video creator/site below) Website (list website below) A friend/parent A teacher Writing Center consultant Writing Center handout Grammar guide/book (list title below) Other (please explain) Tell me, in your own words, about this topic. What are the rules/best practices? Write the original AND the edited version of your highlighted sentence here.

(If you did not have a highlighted sentence, just write “N/A” here. ) Upload this new document to the appropriate D2L Dropbox by 8:35 am on March 3! Grading Rubric Points Criteria 8 – 10 Each section of the Essay Reflection is complete, and the quality of the work reflects obvious care, interest, and a true commitment to improving your writing practice. 6 – 7 Each section of the Essay Reflection is complete, but one or more sections may be overly brief or lacking depth. 1 – 5 Limited responses and/or incomplete sections. 0 Essay Reflection not turned in.

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