Food Intake-3 Day Essay

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Food Intake-3 Day

There are 3,500 calories in 1 pound (0.45kg) of fat and I would need to burn 500/1000 calories more than I consume in each day in order for me to lose 1/21lb. of fat per week. I have discovered that in order for me to lose fat, I created a calorie deficit, however I had to avoid my body going into starvation response. In order for me to lose my body fat, I had to outmaneuver my body natural fat storage system. In order for me to be successful with my dietary strategies I used the following:

Reduce my calories by only a small amount
Eat small and frequent meals every three hours
Apply Calorie Tapering
Follow a “cyclical” or “zigzag” calorie rotation

First I had to determine my daily requirements by using a calorie calculator. I was able use the weight loss calculator to determine the time and calorie deficit required to reach my target weight. For my optimal weight loss I reduced my calories to 15-20% below maintenance. When I did not make progress I increased this later, the larger my deficit produced, the quicker my body caught on. I learn that my first step should be to increase my activity levels. By me creating a larger calorie deficit, I had to exercise, cardio to burn calories, resistance training to maintain muscle mass.

Secondly I used the “cyclical” and “zigzag” calorie rotation system by simply reducing my calorie intake over 3 days followed by one day where I eat little more. I realized this system of calorie rotation was enormously successfully at maintaining my muscle, while losing body fat. It avoids the problem of my body adapting to me lowering my calorie intake and slowed down my metabolism to the point where I did not see any results.

To me I did well with carbohydrates meeting my DRI, but with my protein I was at seventeen percent, and then my fat total was somewhere around thirty percent. I was so surprised at the numbers they were not even close to my expectations it was a big letdown. I learned that during these three days I didn’t meet my required DRI because I don’t eat right. I tried to eat a balanced meal every day, but it was very hard because I can go without eating at times so my food intake was not good I eat a lot of fast food or no food. I am not anywhere near healthy. I know that I need to increase my protein intake to help me reach my goals. I want to lose a little weight so I need to exercise so my fat can start going away. I think healthy eating is important to my body. Healthy eating will provide my body with the nutrients and energy to help my body function properly.

Nutrients provide my body energy that I need to keep my brain cells active, the heart pumping, and the muscle flexible, and also to keep up with my 5-year old. To increase my fiber intake I will try to eat more whole grain items. I will take out fruits juices I’ve learned that they do not contain much fiber if any at all. I will also eat more beans. If you have insufficient intake of nutrients it can limit your body’s immunity. It will also limit your body from rebuilding its self from the daily activities and will not allow your muscles to rebuild themselves. Some people don’t know that this can cause people to have irregular bowel movements, get infections, and decrease your ability to remember things, so you really need to get the proper nutrients, and vitamins that you need because we only have one body.

I have learned that I have not so good eating habits for one when it comes to eating healthy that is not me I do not always eat breakfast and that is the best way to start your day. Although my eating habits are not so great I learned that it is not too late to change them. All I need to do is take one day at a time and start by having breakfast every day.

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