Food Desert Food in The United States

In the United States food deserts are more common then we may think. Many people think a food desert is a place that is low income or not industrialized enough but we can also be living in one in our own community. A food desert is a location that cannot get the fresh fruits, foods and/or nutrients they need. Food deserts very much affect people in a rural or urban setting. One reason food deserts matter is because nearly 23.5 million People live in food deserts.

Nearly half of them are also low-income. 2.2% are in the U.S household. This is because grocery stores, farmer markets, and other food supplies are too far away or nonexistent to these residents. Unfortunately, many people that live in a food desert are more exposed to fast food or convenient food, mostly packaged food. This can cause a higher rate of obesity which is also another big issue during this time. Many times food deserts are not reported or documented.

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Another reason is because it can also matter to your health. One health issue is diabetes. The highest percentages of households living in food deserts, also had high rates of adult obesity. Another issue is obesity among low-income preschool children.

All of which is to say, living in a food desert is not incidental, and it does has an independent effect on obesity and diabetes. The last issue is adding fast food and convenient markets where lower-income families live. Doing this is make them more dependent on fast food and packaged rather fresh and healthier food.

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These food deserts are located in places most people do not drive in. They set up these food places and stores for people who walk and cannot travel far on foot. This is also alarming because these are another cause to higher obesity and diabetes.

In conclusion I believe that one way we can help prevent food deserts is to start paying more attention to lower income areas. We can also try and get more fresh fruit and vegetables to these areas around the U.S. Another is to stop adding convenient food markets or fast food places where lower-income families live giving them no option but to depend on those rather than getting the healthier option they can choose. Allowing access to fresh, healthier food will not change the number of food deserts but is certainly a great step in helping those get more of the healthy, fresh nutrients they need.

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