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Success of Benihana of Tokyo
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Benihana of Tokyo has been very successful for the last 40 years since 1964. From a small restaurant, it has developed into a chain of themed restaurants. The success of Benihana has been attributed to the superb total quality management (TQM) process especially in maintaining the overall exotic ambience and the high quality food provided. All these strengths contribute to providing an unforgettable dining experience to its consumers and are reflected in their ability to retain consumers which is shown…...
Customer Satisfaction of Fast Food Chains
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INTRODUCTION The enhancement of national income and the change of consumption habits have resulted in the rapid growth of the market scale in the service industry. In 2008, the average ratio of the global service industry accounted for over 60% of the overall Gross National Product (GNP), the average ration for major developed countries reached over 70%, and at the same time Taiwan also reached 73. 2% (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009). Taking Taiwan as an example, the total turnover of…...
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Feasibility Sample
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Advertising26 Operations27 Overview27 Staffing27 Training28 Daily Operations & Production29 Customer Service31 Suppliers32 Management Controls33 Administrative Systems34 Investment Analysis36 Source of Funds36 Capital Contributions (Investment Roles)36 Growth Plan/Exit Strategy39 Expansion Plans39 Investor Exit Options39 Investor Expansion Options39 Financial Projections40 Project Sources & Uses of Cash43 Capital Budget (Start-up Cost Projections)44 Sales Projection45 Hourly Labor Projection46 Detailed Statement of Income & Cash Flow Year 147 Summary Statement of Income & Cash Flow Year 148 Summary Statements of Income & Cash Flow Years…...
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Foreign Direct Investment Disadvantages
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There is a lot to be said for big retail to come to India, but we cannot simply be taken in and mimic something which is being pushed down our throats because those who make the policy appear to not have the faintest clue on how retail really works in India If there were clear answers in black and white to the question, there would really be no need for any debate on the issue, but the truth is that…...
Task Environment
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There is an opportunity for a separate menu that should be developed; the plates should be identified on the main menu. It is very difficult for those with celiac disease to eat out when there are not many options for gluten free restaurants; this gives an opportunity to The Cheesecake Factory to increase their consumer market. 2. Shift away from fine dining (T) The shift in the market away from fine dining experienced in 2012 will continue in the upcoming…...
The Pizza Company vs the Pizza Hut
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It is surprising that Pizza has become a popular food among Thai people. The Pizza Company and The Pizza Hut, the only two biggest pizza companies in Thailand, have contended for the pizza leadership for many years. People consume so much of pizzas that pizzas have been in the top ten Thais’ favorite foreign cuisine. While using service of these two companies, have you ever noticed the distinction between the two companies? Actually, there are three qualities that are considered…...
The Success of Innocent Drinks Using Competing Values Framework
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Innocent Drinks was started by three friends in 1999 that developed premium smoothies that contained 100% natural fruit with no water or added sugar. The aim was to provide people with quick ready-to-go and healthy food and drink options. The company is now one of the best-loved and fastest growing businesses in Britain. The highly successful Innocent Drinks sells $2 million smoothies per week across Europe, building a 72% market share in the 8 years since they were founded (Anne…...
McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)
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Introduction McDonald's Corporation (MCD) is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily. McDonald's primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. More recently, it has begun to offer salads, wraps and fruit. Many McDonald's restaurants have included a playground for children and advertising geared toward children, and some have been redesigned in a more 'natural' style, with a particular emphasis on comfort: introducing lounge areas and…...
Peppercorn Issues
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How will you analyze the data collected? How will you make sense of the situation at Peppercorn? This should probably take a majority of the class period, since how the consultants see the organizational issues will, in part, determine how the feedback process will be designed. Choosing a diagnostic/analytic model is no small issue. There is no evidence in the case that a particular diagnostic model is driving the data collection process (a potential problem), and there are at least…...
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Subway Company
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I have chosen SUBWAY® as an Multi-National Company for my assignment. Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca at the age of seventeen in 1965 with the help of a friend, Dr. Peter Buck, who invested $1000 in his first sandwich shop which was named Pete’s Super Submarine which was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut which was meant to fund his dreams of becoming a doctor. He set a goal of having 32 stores in 10 years but by 1964, they had…...
Darden’s Global Supply Chain
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Darden Restaurants, Inc. is an American multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Orlando. The firm owns several casual dining restaurant chains: Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille and Yard House. Until July 28, 2014, Darden also owned Red Lobster. Darden has more than 2,100 restaurant locations and more than 200,000 employees, making it the world's largest full-service restaurant company. As of 2012, Darden is the only Fortune 500 Company with its corporate…...
Black Canyon Coffee
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Company Background Black Canyon Coffee (BCC) is a Thailand based coffeehouse which has actually grown to end up being the largest cafe chain in Thailand. BCC opened their first shop in 1993 in Bangkok and ever since company has actually experienced 15 to 20 per cent annual development with extremely little debt. Though Thailand is a low coffee consuming nation however with the assistance of tactical marketing BCC has had the ability to penetrate the market. Presently BCC had 78…...
Levendary Cafe Case study
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Introduction Levendary Café has grown from a small restaurant that offers soup, salad, and sandwiches in Denver to a multibillion quick casual chain that operates 3500 stores around the U.S. The founder of the Levendary Café, Howard Leventhal managed to establish a strong market position for the Levendary Café in the U.S and succeeded in creating a $10 billion business model. The Café has two important elements that differentiate it from its competitors, which were offering nutritious soup, salads, and…...
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Cases in Financial Management
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Case Synopsis Founded in 1984 Laurentian Bakeries Inc. operates in the industry of manufacturing a vast variety of frozen baked products within their three operating plants in Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto. The operating plants produce items such as frozen pizza in Winnipeg, MB, pies in Montreal, QC and Cakes in Toronto, ON- with each representing 30%, 30% and 40% of the total revenue stream respectively. The buyers for this company include large institutional clients such domino’s pizza, etc. which have…...
Great American success story: Panera Bread
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INTRODUCTION: Panera Bread is one of the great American success stories of breaking trends, and shaking up the market with complete innovation. Not only were they successful, but they were able to achieve this success while doing things their own way. Product and Service differentiation were the keys to this bakery-café's success. Before Panera Bread's creation in ___, never had a business combined the relaxing environment of a café with the fresh aroma of an artisan's bakery. This proved to…...
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McDonald’s: Customer Driven
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What does it mean to be customer driven? One Fortune 500 Company that lives to please and satisfy their customers is, McDonald's. According to the article The Ray Kroc Story (2012), McDonald's passion for quality and customer service all began with a man named Ray Kroc (p.1). In 1954, Ray came across a restaurant in San Bernardino, California run by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. He was immediately captivated by how effective their small operation was. Ray found that the…...
Brand MAGGI Instant Noodles
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Pages • 12
Executive summary This report required spending great time on analyzing tones of marketing related information from innumerable sources of Nestle’s powerful Brand MAGGI Instant Noodles. All information was critical and needed to be evaluated with full concentration and determination, the study of MAGGI Noodles that was launched first in India in the year 1983, by Nestle Limited, which became synonymous with noodles. This research tries to find awareness of MAGGI Noodles. The introduction provides the company background, operational & other…...
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?Project Scope Statement
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Introduction The main purpose of the project scope statement is to have a basic understanding of the scope of a project, its deliverables, work required by deliverables to complete, and give common scope understanding to all stakeholders. Project Purpose and Justification The project of Great India Taste Restaurant has been approved by considering the demand of Indian food in the GTA by the related peoples. It has also been started for serving and creating a choice amongst the various types…...
SWOT Analysis of Panera Bread Company
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A SWOT Analysis is a “situational in which internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and external opportunities and threats faced by it are closely examined” to provide an adequate strategy . Panera Bread Company has become one of the leading companies in the quick casual restaurant market. Strengths The Strengths that Panera Bread Company has are the following: a strong presence in its niche segment, a strong relationship with their franchisees, they focus on having a specialty bread and…...
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McDonald’s global marketing strategy
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1. Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy (GMS). In particular, how does McDonald’s approach the issue of standardization? McDonald’s has become the most famous and successful fast-food restaurants all over the world. The concept of fast food and American-style food (burgers, fries) has conquered the world. We can talk about standardization regarding Mcdo’s strategy: the marketing mix is basically the same. Products:Fast food, American food (Burgers, fries and soda) Price:Cheap, “Burger Index” * Promotion:American style, mass communication,…...
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Outsourcing Offshore at Darden
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Pages • 4
Darden Restaurants owns all of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, which amounts to over 1,700 food establishments. Olive Garden specializes in serving Italian food and Red Lobster serves mainly seafood and fish. They actually own four other chains located throughout the United States, such as: The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Seasons 52 .To keep themselves successful the company needs to outsource work when the opportunity strikes to reduce their overall labor costs. Darden’s sources of…...
Key Success Factors of fast food
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Success in the fast food industry requires mastery of different key competitive factors. Fast food entrepreneurs must emphasize on creating strong brand, improving operation efficiency, increasing speed and convenience. By paying attention and investing more on these elements of the business they can strengthen their competitive position in the market and make profit Branding KFC, Republic of Korea’s Lotteria, Jollibee are examples of extremely successful fast food branding. Their signs, logos and slogans are recognizable around the world. Customers of…...
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?SWOT Analysis for Classic Savory
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Pages • 3
SWOT Analysis for Classic Savory Strengths: 1. Classic Savory offers different kinds of food that they offering to their customer when looking at the menu. The order of the menu is excellent and arrange accordingly to their categories, a very easy way to recognize the food that a customer would order. Pictures of the food itself were also placed in the menu to add attraction and interest of what kind of food they are serving. 2. The quality and taste…...
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Chipotle Grill Case Study
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Pages • 6
What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the attractiveness of Chipotle Mexican Grill’s situation and future prospects? There are a lot of things about Chipotle that have kept them successful in previous years. Opportunities and strengths depict that presently the company has a strong and positive image in its established markets which is mainly in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Strong brand recognition drives the company. Customer loyalty allows a long-term positive impact to Chipotle, which enhances company value. Targeting…...
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