Food and Safety Bulletin Essay

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Food and Safety Bulletin

Public service bulletin, it has been reported to the city department of health on how the communicate is experiencing numerous of food-borne illnesses. However, the food-borne illnesses have raised some serious for the health department and in dealing with this illnesses the community needs to be educated on public food safety. Recognizing several common concerns connected to food purchase, storage, and presentation, explains several illnesses or crises the safety problem may affect to avoid the illnesses or crises and recommendation for where person who reads may search for more information. Include criteria that readers must use to determine creditable sources of information, explain why it is important for readers to use criteria when searching for information on nutrition (Wardlaw, Smith, 2009). Identify Common Safety Issues

However, food poisoning can produce critical illness, but individuals can protect themselves and their family. In other word germs such as E.coli, salmonella, and listeria usually cause food poisoning. However, these pathogens usually relates with meat and fowl products, although the pathogens are capable of making their way into fresh produce through disaster or accidents while they are harvested, within the resource where they are managed or in local grocery store. Meanwhile, cheese may be contaminated with pathogens, but cheese and produce also has been subject as a food recall. * When shopping for groceries please consider recent recall items. Some stories may come through the news to reach community, so pay close attention to those stories, and remember them while making out a grocery list. Please be mindful that recall food take place on a regular basis however, recalls frequently affects a minor portion of food in certain area. * Before purchasing food inspect it as well as making sure meat, poultry, produce and cheese has its proper color and no detectable signs of
grime. Pay attention to cheese and vegetables when attempting to eat raw however, cooking is simply a good way to go to be sure pathogens have been destroy. * One must store their poultry, meat, and cheese in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as they arrive home. However, the refrigerator must maintain a temperature less than 40 degrees and the freezer, however, has to maintain a temperatures of less than 32 degrees. Some produce items are not requiring being in the refrigerator but it is when the grocery store kept these specific food item at a cooler temperature. However, please keep in mind people should clean their vegetables thoroughly before cooking. Although it is not required to wash meat or poultry products prior to cooking, but always keep in mind to clean vegetables and wash their skins with a scrub brush prior to eating. * In addition, to this be sure to cook carefully as well as being mindful of cross-contamination threats each time a meal is prepared. Be sure to use different cutting boards and knives when cutting up meat and vegetables. Another important fact makes sure different cooking utensils are used for uncooked and cooked foods, mainly meats. Make certain everything he or she prepare to cook research a safe inside temperature that changes bases on the certain food item a person is cooking. Describe Illnesses or Problems Safety

However, restoring the loss of fluid and electrolytes as well as maintaining the fluid intake are worthy. When cooking meat, poultry, and eggs please cook these products well-done. Cross contamination with food is not healthy way to cook which, means avoid cross-contaminating foods by means of washing hands, cooking tools, cutting boards after these utensils has been used for raw meat as well as poultry and prior to the of another food. Be sure to wash all produce. In other word, wash all fresh fruits and vegetables in running tap water to eliminate noticeable and unnoticeable grimes and dirt. At a room temperature bacteria can grow very fast, refrigerate food leftover if not eaten within four hours. Credible Source of Nutritional Information

However, there is resource that community rely on such as, and however, these sites or very helpful for you and your family. It shows the portions amount one must content on their plate as well as their intake. This information would help the
community understands the safety issues when grocery shopping and cooking different type of foods.


Michaelson, A. (2011, May ). How to Identtify Some Common Safety Issues Related to Food Purchase, Storage and Preparation. Retrieved February 5, 2012, from eHow.

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