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Essays on Food And Culture

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Malunggay ( Moringga Oleifera ) as an effective substitute for cooking oil

Many Filipinos suffer from different kinds of diseases; one of these is heart disease. According to the Philippine Society of Hypertension President Dr. Morales (2012), of all the deaths here in the Philippines 30% are caused by diseases in the heart. Filipinos are fond of eating greasy foods that have high fat content, which in most cases causes high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Both of these may lead to heart failure because they promote fat build up in the…...

Cereal Market within Singapore

Introduction Hot breakfast cereals refer to cereal grains that had to be soaked or boiled to be softened and edible. Pre-prepared cereal that is edible on its own or in milk is also known as Ready-to-eat cereal. Within Singapore itself, breakfast cereal are generally seen as a nutritious form breakfast that appeals more to the younger generation and children who are seemingly more receptive to these western breakfast.(Breakfast Cereal- Singapore,1)Datamonitor states that by definition the breakfast cereal market consists of…...

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Food And Culture

Culture is broadly defined as the beliefs, attitudes, values, customs, and habits accepted by a community of individuals. Cultural behavior patterns are reinforced when a group is isolated by geography or segregated by socioeconomic status. Culture is learned, not inherited; it is passed from generation to generation. The term food habits refers to the ways in which humans use food, including how food is obtained and stored, how it is prepared, how it is served and to whom, and how…...

The Soul of the Great Bell

Rather than the overworked adobo (so identified as the Philippine stew in foreign cookbooks), sinigang seems to me the dish most representative of Filipino taste. We like the lightly boiled, the slightly soured, the dish that includes fish (or shrimp or meat) vegetables and broth. It is adaptable to all tastes ( if you don’t like shrimp, then bangus, or pork), to all classes and budgets, (even ayungin, in humble little piles, find their way into the pot), to seasons…...

Culture Diversity of Ethnic Restaurants in Taiwan

Taiwan is a veritable paradise for food lovers. Even though Taiwan is fairly small, it offers a wide diversity of ethnic restaurants. This trend gives ideas to the restaurant operators for trying to diversify the food choices. Ethnic restaurant is one of the ways that the restaurant operators are trying to capture their customers’ attention. The feature of the ethnic restaurant is that they create something new without leaving their hometown. There are three popular types of ethnic restaurant in…...

Thompson Seedless

Abstract ‘Thompson seedless’ grapes (Vitis vinifera) possessing < 13° brix and > 1.0% acidity were used in the preparation of beverages with and without carbonation. Sour grape juice was extracted, bottled and clarified by racking for three months. Palatable blended grape beverages were also prepared using sour grape juice with phalsa / purple grape juice. Process parameters such as quantity of juice, blending proportions and brix / acid ratio for different beverages were optimized. Squashes were prepared by maintaining brix…...

My Favorite Meal

It is definitely an old-time favorite and additionally, an all-time favorite American dish which even non-Americans would surely love and long for. That is the manner on how I describe the meal I never get tired eating, baked potato and steak, such delectable treat, for me a feast worth celebrating. It is as if it is Thanksgiving Day whenever I am at my dinner table just looking at the big slice of tender scrumptious steak and the soft mushy baked…...

The Executive Chef

The Executive Chef is perhaps among the most essential jobs in all of the food industry. They are responsible for the food that is purchased, prepared, cooked, and served to the customers. They manage the food quality and stock in a cooking area, organizing the food and observing the quality of the kitchen area hardware. On a typical day, Executive chefs will manage a group of chefs during working hours, examine the quality and the amount of the food and…...

Stages of Heating Sugar

Carbohydrate when heated results to a complex group of reactions in absence of nitrogen containing compounds. Such reaction is commonly known as caramelization. Sugars will show caramelization to a relatively high temperature. The browning of these carbohydrates is further facilitated by the presence of small amount of acid, salts of this acids, phosphates and metallic ions. Lack of moisture in the sugar molecule with formation of anhydro rings are actually caused by thermolysis. When double bonds are produced this leads…...

Kababji Grill

Kababji grill was a principle developed in Lebanon in the early 1990. It is a fast casual dining establishment, service is raped however products are ready and cooked to buy. The company's motion is to serve healthy food todays and future generations. Their vision is to rely fined and fulfill customer cravings for new taste experiences with thoroughly established recopies that attract all tastes and present the principle of eaten pledger once again to markets that are bored with the…...

Super Crunchers

* What actually got him in problem is crunching numbers to examine the quality of Bordeaux white wines. He found that low levels of harvest rain/high avg. summer season temperatures produce the best white wines Decreased his white wine theory to a formula; he can anticipate the basic quality of any vintage by plugging weather data for a given year into formula. NOT well received by traditional red wine critics BUT, unlike the traditional critics who need to wait months…...

Chinese Cuisine

Historical Preparation and appreciation of food has been developed to the highest level in the country of China. Cooking is considered an art in Chinese culture whereas all other philosophies consider it a craft. The two main philosophies of the Chinese culture are Confucianism and Taoism. Both influenced China's history and the Culinary Arts. Confucianism stressed the importance of enjoyment of life involving the art of cooking. If you have a gathering, there must be food. If there is not…...

Culinary Culture in Philippines

I. Industry Analysis Doughnut or more popularly known as donuts is not a pervasive culinary culture in Philippines, although thousands of donuts at roadside stalls and the school canteens have been selling this. Then Mister Donut came who revolutionized the way Filipino look at donuts. Filipino people are started to love eating donuts as early as 1980’s which they adopted from United State of America particularly in Boston. From the streets of Boston, USA in 1955, Mister Donut reached the…...

Mexican Food

The quesadilla was first discovered in Mexico in the late 1500’s. The corn tortilla was originally discovered and created by the Native Americans (123 Long). In the 1500’s and early 1600’s the Spanish added to the quesadilla by putting pork, beef, chicken, and other ingredients into the corn tortilla. In most regions, especially the central region of Mexico, a quesadilla is a circle of uncooked corn masa folded in half and filled with cheese, then warmed up until the cheese…...

Cake Pops Cooking

What is a cake pop? A cake pop is much like a cake, however it is smaller and on a stick! Cakes pops are small desserts that can be consumed on the go, which can be convenient for everybody. I am going to teach you step by action on how to make them. The really first thing to do is to go to the store and buy all the best active ingredients. You require to choose out your preferred type…...

Banchan In Korean Cuisine

Banchan (pronounced "bonchon") refers to the assorted sides served alongside a main course in Korean cuisine. About a half dozen banchan are served at any meal; the best known are kimchi — pickled dishes, made of either fermented cabbage (baechu), daikon radish (mu), or other vegetables like scallions (pa) — although they might also include japchae (glass noodles), marinated tofu, or even American potato salad. Typically served in small portions that are meant to be finished (and replenished if necessary)…...

Italian Cuisine vs. Chinese Cuisine

My two favorite foods of all time are Italian and Chinese cuisines. Although, they share common ingredients, the flavors are quite different. Italians use a variety of cheeses and heavy sauces in their menus, while Chinese add Asian spice to their sauces they are usually darker in color, and vary in sweet and spicy. They also have different types of cooking techniques that in itself is an art. A common ingredient in both Italian and Chinese cuisine is pasta. Nothing…...

Mrs. Fields Cookies

Mrs. Fields Cookies was founded by Debbi Fields in the late 1970s. She and her husband Randy Fields opened their first store in 1977 in Palo Alto, California, selling homemade-style cookies which quickly grew in popularity. Products Mrs. Fields Cookies came in 14 varieties. All baked products were made on premises in the individual stores and the company especially focused on the fresh cookies. If the cookies are not sold within two hours, they were given away and discarded. Competitors…...

Cake, Pie and Cultural Factors in Nutrition

There are two different types of people in the dessert world, the pie people and the cake people. These two desserts are both wonder in my world but there are lots of differences in these two similar after dinner treats. Pies are warm, baked, with a gooey filling of your choice. They have a hard crust that is holding in all the fresh ingredients. Cakes on the other hand are usually room temperature or cool because if they were hot…...

Milk: Pros and Cons

Milk is a familiar, one-of-a-kind beverage consumed by humans and other animals. Humans do not drink human milk, but drink the milk of other species, and do so commonly throughout their adult lives. Milk is not only drank but is often used in cooking. New alternatives to milk, such as calcium-enriched juices, soymilk, and rice milks, have stormed the markets. In Asian markets, powdered calcium is a popular commodity, often spooned into a pot of rice or soup. We have…...

Red Wine

Red red wine is a type of preferred drinks in the world, it produced by red, blue or purple grapes. When people commemorate and making a toast to their pals, a cup of red white wine is required and likewise it is the best option than the other white wines, not just due to the fact that it has a long history, however also it is healthily for people. R. Curtis Ellison, M. D. stated:" Moderate alcohol intake, particularly moderate…...

Food and Culture: a Cross Cultural Look at Eating Habits

No matter where we are from, eating is one of the most personal experiences of life. Everyone finds enjoyment and comfort in eating foods associated with their early days and heritage, but personal sensations and perceptions on eating are merely a fraction of the global picture. Learning about other cultures, their values, and what they seek will enhance relationships between individuals throughout communities and the nation. Eating habits provide a very conducive way for promoting mutual understanding between everyone. According…...

Exploring Eastern Cuisine

Similarity in Eastern Foods The regions of the Near East, Middle East and North Africa are quite similar geographically. Because the regions are comparable in terms of climate, growing seasons, aridity, proximity to water, the same types of plants (grains, herbs) will grow well in all areas. The cuisines are based heavily on grains – including unleavened bread and rice, meats, cheese and yogurt, and fruits, spices and herbs that were introduced through the rise of the Roman Empire and…...

Gender and Food in Society

That is, both mother and child are being watched, judged, and constructed by society since making a good obento may please her child and also affirm that she is a good mother, and child consuming their entire meal in a appropriate manner is considered well-taught. This social phenomenon represents that culture is constructed with power which exerts a force which operates in ways that are subtle, disguised, and accepted as everyday social practice. Another essay Carole Counihan’s “Mexicanas’ Food Voice…...

Cupcake Leavening Methods

I have found three that I will test in order to find which produces the fluffiest, or least dense, batch of cupcakes. They allow for a greater leavening, or increase of volume of baking dough caused by the formation of gas bubbles. The methods to create this effect on the cupcakes are using egg whites only, mixing each ingredient separately before adding them to the mixture, and adding a teaspoon of corn starch to the mix. Eggs are a necessary…...

Cup cake can make us happy

An afternoon spent whipping up cakes, biscuits and pies doesn’t just make your kitchen smell amazing, it can also help alleviate stress, anger and even depression. Baking enthusiast Alix Walker reveals why it’s making us very happy Photography: Patrice De Villiers Baking: Pamela Giles Supermodel Karlie Kloss may have appeared on 20 magazine covers this year alone, but she still finds time to send the editors at US Vogue her homemade toffee at Christmas. She also spends the night before…...

Asian Dishes

Greetings, my fellow visitors, today, I would like to recommend a few local dishes which you might want to indulge yourself while you are here. Firstly, I would like to recommend you an intercontinental dish known as Chilli Crab. Chilli Crab, also known as Singapore’s unofficial “national dish” is cooked in various ways. The most common style is done with chilli and sweet-sour sauce ribboned with beaten egg. My favourite way and probably the most common, is to eat it…...

Root Issue of Nourishment Squander

So as to address the root issue of nourishment squander, we should initially know where on the stockpile natural pecking order the nourishment is squandered. Furthermore, this contrasts broadly among creating and created nations. In poor, creating nations, nourishment wastage centers around the generation side. Obsolete innovation and foundation for transportation and preparing implies expanded nourishment squander. Then again, in rich, created nations, nourishment is squandered at the utilization organize more. The motivation behind why is that is on the…...

International Cooking Day

Responsibility for all inconsistencies and errors falls on the shoulders of the manager, so he has to have a wide range of knowledge and skills, be stress-resistant, resourceful, entrepreneurial and be able to make decisions quickly, and if necessary, replace the missing person or eliminate the breakdown. In addition, the profession requires logical thinking, a penchant for mathematics, because it is necessary to carry out calculations of costs and budget, sociability and teamwork skills. Organization of this event, International Cooking…...

Beefeater Restaurant Review

The aim is to identify a marketing strategy for the Lydiard Travel Inn, Beefeater Restaurant, and Pub and Touch base, for the future success of the Beefeater restaurant. Introduction: Samuel Whitbread established Whitbread plc in 1742, originally as a beer producing company. Since then, Whitbread has moved from strength to strength incorporating wider varieties of businesses under its wing with each growth. Today, Whitbread owns and operates some of the most popular business in restaurants, hotels and leisure and health.…...

Snail Farming

Introduction There are many types of snail but not less than 14 of these are edible. The most popular and most lucrative to breed for consumption and commercial purposes are achachatina marginata, archatina archatina, helix pomatia and helix aspersa. The first two are usually very big, weigh between 150 and 200g, lay between 5 and 300 eggs per batch and 8 times each growing season, and measure 90-130cm in length. The last two species of snail are helical in nature,…...

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