Fones School of Dental Hygiene

I would like to submit my personal statement with regard to my interest in applying for a degree course in dentistry in Fones School of Dental Hygiene. First of all i have had a passion for sciences subjects since my child hood. I got interested when i saw most patients going to hospitals including myself. I was fascinated by the way dentists attended to their clients. It was the my dream that when i grow up i will pursue the profession.

When i was in my elementary and high schools i managed to perform well in my sciences and mathematics subjects as well as liberal arts.

With having achieved the required qualification i embarked on looking for dental school the would prepare me for the profession in the levels that are accredited and respected at national and local level as well accredited by the American Dentistry Association. My interest in dental hygiene course is because i want to get skill and knowledge in dental hygiene and practice more from the one i have got in high school level.

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I have also worked with dental clinics, nursing homes and hospitals and obtained considerable experience.

Thus the knowledge and skill that is offered by Fones School of Dental hygiene will be of importance to my future career. My expectation that when i graduate from the college i will be able to fulfill my career goals as a practicing dental hygienist as well as dentist with advancement in education and work experience. During my high school level i was involved in first aid and participated in scouts club.

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This exposed me the responsibility of caring for patients. My choic3e of dental course is that i would like to be part of the profession that offers more than just what is learned.

These include personal satisfaction by working with diverse group of people, prestige as one of the highly skilled and respected profession. Dentistry provides variety in utilizing interpersonal and clinical skills, it offers opportunity for creativity, flexibility, job security and opportunity for career advancement. Several of the options include working in private dental clinics, public health programs, institutions, dental corporations, nursing homes, teaching and research. Since the profession is in high demand it also offers the opportunity for me to own my own clinic and serve the community in a more professional manner.

Fones school of Dental is the only such college that can give me the necessary skills needed in the profession. The college is known all over and respected due to its wide experience in teaching and research. It has the best lectures who are accredited and up to date with the current development in dentistry. The school has optional training programs and credits transfer . It has the best facilities and admission criteria that allows any student to pursues any of the following degree programs. Associate Degree, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science.

The school has other supportive services for student such as student organizations and community collaboration that offer opportunity to exercise what is learnt in class. Courses offered by the college like radiology, pharmacology, periodontology, community health, marketing,, chemistry, dental material and hygiene are examples of what i am yearning for during the training. Am confident that by going through Fones school i will be able to fulfill my passion and dream for future and better life.

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