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Following Doctor's Orders

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Essay, Pages 2 (267 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (267 words)


The morning shift nurse forgot to carry out the doctor’s order to do a urinalysis for one of the patients and include it in the handover to me because she was in a rush to go home. ‘Handovers are an essential part of everyday nursing practice and a key part of ensuring patient safety, yet many happen at the end of a shift when staffs are tired and waiting to go home’ (Pearce, 2019).


I felt alarmed because when the doctor came in asking for the laboratory result.

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I somehow felt incompetent because I should have checked the doctor’s order if all has been carried out properly.


The doctor questioned me why it has not been done yet. Had I received a proper handover and the order was carried out, the incident would not have occurred. ‘Failure in clinical handover is a major source of preventable patient harm’ (Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, 2019).


Ensuring all the doctor’s orders are carried out and doing a proper time allocation for the handover to make sure that all information is relayed to the next shift must be observed.


After the handover, I should have checked the patient’s chart first if all the doctor’s orders are carried out by the previous shift.

Aaction Plan

I now always ensure that before the end of my shift, the entire doctor’s order for the patient are carried out properly and include it in the handover. Nursing and Midwifery Journal (2018) states that it is important to include all relevant information within an acceptable time frame of clinical handover.

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