Folk Wisdom Essay

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Folk Wisdom

Some various questions can be asked about the psychological outlay of folk saying and phrases. Do they have valid meanings? What instinct do they have towards challenges and meeting the provisions of the daily life? For example considering these two sayings; faith moves mountains and failure is the mother of success, what are there implications, meanings and validity? Faith moves mountains: This is a saying used to give the impression that having strong faith can make someone explore great contemporaries that are by their nature difficult and perhaps that cannot be easily done.

This is a passive source of motivation that gives the power of continued strength, enthusiasm and the zeal to explore the activities and contemporaries that are by there natural course not easily done. It is the internal conviction and incitement from the human conscious that gives hope and motivation to a person in exploring what he/she has in life (Rubin, 1998) Failure is the mother of success: This is a saying that is aimed at bringing the impression that achievement of what you intend to is accompanied by step-downs of failure which then align the person towards arriving to his/her esteemed point of desire or achievement.

The passive meaning of this saying is that failure is the building blocks towards success. It is therefore from the lessons that someone learns from those failures that he/she can rectify the pitfalls and inadequacies in the attempt to meet success. The starting point of failure is what gives someone the motivation towards working even harder towards achieving success (Rubin, 1998) The validity of these sayings is highly strong and cannot be doubted.

Great people and achievers have not compromised the application of these sayings towards achievement of their success. Success in various aspects like in businesses, strive in education , foundations of strong families, achieving various goals and exploring the contemporaries of life have been benchmarked by great faith and failures with which people develop towards achieving success. They have utterly been influential sayings that have guided people towards achieving their goals and objectives.

Their accuracy can be tested perhaps by personal evaluation of the processes that one passes through in achieving success. One finds that, failures preceded great achievements. Either, strong convictions developed from ones consciousness and that achieving success is a strong attribute that has helped people to achieve their actualities.

Reference Rubin Zick (1998) The Psychology of Being Human. New York, Prentice Hall

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