Focusing on the Rights of Women Essay

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Focusing on the Rights of Women

Feminism is the belief that women should have equal social, sexual, intellectual and economic rights to men. Feminism addresses issues of gender difference and advocates equality for women. Feminist activists address integrity, autonomy, abortion rights, reproductive rights, domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape and equal pay among others. Feminism used to be an issue openly addressed by white women as there was an issue to do with fear of prejudice among the women from other races. Since the Sojourner Truth’s 1851 speech, women from other races joined in voicing their concerns and from then things changed for the better.

Feminism was highly accelerated in the 1960s due the rise of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America and the collapse of European colonialism in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia (Walters, 2005). Currently, feminism is an issue clearly voiced by any woman and in any society as per her wishes. Despite all this, there has been a lot of resistance by the men to grant the modern woman her rights as this is seen as a major threat by the men. Feminism is not viewed in the same light by everyone because it entails widely differing approaches.

There has been a growing awareness of and potential audiences for feminist ideas, though little is understood even among the academicians and scholars. Many view it as a division between men and women, which it actually is, and refer to it as the first primary division. In this particular case, men are viewed as the enemies. Radical feminism rests on the idea that all known societies have been patriarchal. This means that they have been dominated by the men and all power has been bestowed on the men and in most cases is used in their interests (Walters, 2005).

Education is a basic necessity in the current age and it is also a human right. Therefore, education is entitled to everyone including women. It is therefore right to ensure there is education for all. Unfortunately, most of the current age countries are capitalist societies. Capitalists gain from the social division and will always impede genuine equal rights for all. Capitalism is a system that is premised on inequality and the right of the rich to exploit the poor. Consequently, the girl child falls victim to this and little or no funds are allocated to ensure their education by most of the governments.

‘Educate a man and you will have educated one person, educate a woman and you will have educated a whole society’, the saying goes. Women form the lion’s share of the world’s population but because women are perceived to be the weaker sex, basic necessities such as education are prioritized on the men. They are instead subjected to domesticity, motherhood and daily chores at home. In some countries, especially African countries, girls are married off by their parents at an early age in order to bring wealth to their families as a result of the dowries paid by the grooms.

This hinders most of these girls to continue with their education. Educating women in the society would hasten the development of the society as a considerable bulk of work would take less time to complete and deliver. When a society is subjected to development in its infrastructure, economy and other areas, the society as a whole is bound to benefit from all this and therefore setting the rights that pertain women at bay bears no fruit but eventually burdens the society as a whole.

In conclusion, let us toil to save the lives of the girls and women who are denied their basic rights such as education. Those found contravening the rules of humankind should be brought to book and condemned for their ignorance. Denying women a chance denies the whole society the opportunity to move forward. To crown it all, women have the right to equality and therefore should be treated with the same respect and discretion as that accorded to men. Reference: Walters M. , (2005): Feminism: a very short introduction. ISBN 019280510X, 9780192805102 Oxford University Press

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