• Author notes – Mark Twain

    When was Mark Born? 1835 When did Mark Die? 1910 What was Mark's real name? Samuel L. Clemens Where did he grow up? Hannibal, Missouri How old was he when his father died? 12 years old What did he go to work as? Printers apprentice At age 22 he reached… View Article

  • Mark Twain

    What was his first bestselling book? Innocence Abroad Who long did he live for? 74 years What year did he die? 1910 What year was he born in? 1835 What year did Olivia die? 1904 How many daughters did he have? 3 What are some of his other works? Huckleberry… View Article

  • Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling

    Read the sentence. Ming and her sister who is home from college for spring break organized a bake sale to benefit the victims of the fire. Which version of the sentence has correctly placed commas? Ming and her sister, who is home from college for spring break, organized a bake… View Article

  • Puddn’head Wilson Characters

    Thomas á Becket Driscoll wore a coral necklace until switched Valet de Chambre wore tow-linen until switched David Wilson outsider lawyer wished he owned half a dog so he could kill it Roxana one-sixteenth black Luigi Capello Italian twin had his palm read by Wilson Angelo Capello said his brother… View Article

  • Gilded Age Quizlet (From Crash Course)

    Where did the Gilded Age get it's name from? From a book written by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner called... "The Gilded Age" What happened to America's political system during the Gilded Age? The political system went corrupt. What is a political machine? Organization that works to win elections… View Article

  • Mark Twain Biography

    celebrity Mark Twain was the first modern Sameul Langhorn Clemens Mark Twain real name Hannable, Missouri where Mark Twain born Pseudonym fake name 12 age when father died printers apprentice after father died job as a... 22 age became riverboat poilet/ steamboatman Civil war stopped trading on the Mississippi River… View Article

  • Mark Twain

    Born where? Florida, Missouri Grew up where? Hannibal, Missouri Natural phenomenon that occurred both in the year he was born and the year he died Halley's Comet Jobs, other than a writer steamboat pilot, printer, wrote for newspapers How many weeks did he serve in the Missouri militia? 2 weeks… View Article

  • english// mark twain

    When was Mark Twain born? November 30, 1835 Where was Mark Twain born? Missouri When did Mark Twain die? April 21, 1910 What was the name of Mark Twain's wife? Olivia Langdon How many daughters did Mark Twain have? Three What is Mark Twain's real name? Samuel Langhorne Clemens What… View Article

  • Huck Finn Flashcards

    Pap vs Black educated Man Pg 38 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain "And that aint the wust, they said he could vote when he was at home" In this qoute it shows Twain humor because the educated black man had more of a right to vote then pap… View Article