• Mark Twain (._.) (~o.o)~

    When Clemens' portrayed Hannibal as a mixture of "idyll and nightmare" for his description of St. Petersburg in his novels, how did this juxtaposition match this historic shift? This juxtaposition matched the historic shift of the United States from a country that was peaceful, rural and most of its citizens… View Article

  • APUSH – US Imperialism

    economic reasons for imperialism more raw materials/ natural resources were needed to continue to make finished goods; the US was overproducing goods and they needed "new markets" to sell their products to political/military reasons for imperialism several European nations had amassed large empires around the globe by the early 1900's… View Article

  • Mark Twain

    dispositions: n. pl.: natures; characters. allegiance: n.: loyalty. caliber: n.: quality or ability. wantonly: adv.: carelessly, often with ill will. transition: n.: passage from one condition, form, or stage to another. scrupled: v.: hesitated because of feelings of guilt. appease: v.: satisfy; pacify. avaricious: adj.: greedy. atrocious: adj.: evil; very… View Article

  • Cannibalism in the cars

    What is the setting of the story? A train heading for St. Louis What makes this story a satire? It makes fun of government Who is the author? Mark Twain Who are the various men in the stranger's story? Political men What do the men do before deciding who to… View Article

  • Mark Twain

    Mark Twain was born with what name? Samuel Langhorne Clemens When was Mark twain born? November 30, 1835 In what state was Mark twain born in? Missouri At what age did he leave school, and why did he leave? 11; because his dad died so he got the job of… View Article

  • Mark Twain Bio

    What year did Twain die? 1910 What was Twain's original name? Samuel Clemens What year was Twain born? 1835 At what age did Clemens leave school? 11 Where was Clemens born? Florida, Missouri What were some hardships of Twain? His dad's death, his wife's death, and his work grew darker… View Article

  • The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg by Mark Twain

    What were surrounding towns jealous of? Hadleyburg's honesty and supremacy. Where and when did the stranger first arrive? In a buggy at the house of the cashier of the bank at about ten at night. Where did the stranger set the sack? Behind the stove at the parlor. How much… View Article

  • Mark Twain

    Samuel Clemens Mark Twain's original name Florida, Missouri where Mark Twain was born Halley's Comet this streaked across the sky on the night of Mark Twain's birth and again on the night of his death 1835 the year Mark Twain was born pneumonia how Mark Twain's father died Orion Mark… View Article

  • Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper plots

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom and Becky get lost in a McDougalls' Cave; murderous Injun Joe is also in there The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Two men bet on whose frog can jump the farthest; one man fills the other's frog (Dan'l Webster) with lead shot and… View Article