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  • HIST 150 Key Terms

    Black Panthers -Mid 1960s -Oakland, California -Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale -black nationalist and socialist organization for self-defense -armed citizens monitored behavior behavior of police and challenged police brutality -inspired by Malcolm X Freedom Riders -challenged non-enforcement of two court cases about arrests from segregated transportation -civil rights…

  • Einstein’s Universe Final Exam

    What is "special" about special relativity? What is the most general principle of relativity? -It's special in the sense that it is limited to the special case of uniform motion. -The most general principle of relativity would be that the laws of physics are the same in all frames of…

  • E=MC2

    *Questions for the preface:* What is the book about? The book is about the equation E=mc2 *Questions for the preface:* What is NOT the topic of the book? It is neither a biography of Einstein nor a full account of relativity. *Questions for the preface:* Why is there a central…

  • AB_emilen_Ch31

    To what extent is life a struggle between continuity and change? Evaluate scientific artistic, social and technological changes. Albert Einstein Scientist who developed the theory of relativity -Manhattan Project with Pres.Roosevelt, atomic bomb theory of relativity Idea that as moving objects approach the speed of light, space and time become…

  • Albert Einstein

    When was Albert Einstein born. March 14,1879 When did Alberts parents get marred. August 8, 1876 Why did the parents fear Albert was mentally disable. He was a slow Speaker. Who was Albert's Crush in Swiss Polytechnic institute. Mileva Marić Why did Pauline hate Albert's girlfriend. she thinks Mileva would…

  • Albert Einstein & the Present Perfect

    Education is what remains after one ______ __________ (to forget) what one _____ __________ in school. has forgotten/has learned Anyone who ____ never _____ (to make) a mistake ____ never _______ (to try) anything new. has made/has tried It ______ __________(to become) appallingly obvious that our technology______ ______________(to exceed) our…

  • Astronomy 2 S3

    If you launch two probes in opposite directions from the Space Station, they will meet as they orbit Earth. According to general relativity, why does this happen? They are following the straightest possible paths through space time, but those paths happen to meet. Suppose the room in which you are…

  • World History World War 2 Unit 12 vocabulary

    Albert Einstein 1879-1955. German born theoretical physicist. Best known for his theory of relativity and his theory of energy equivalence. Received Nobel Prize in 1921 for physics. Freud (Psychoanalysis) Austrian physician who approached psychology while trying to treat mental disorders--focused on the unconscious Picasso A Spanish painter best known for…

  • Astronomy Ch04.9: Process of Science: Testing the Law of Gravity

    Part A Each diagram shows a single experimental trial in which you will drop a ball from some height. In each case, the ball's size, mass, and height are labeled. Note that two diagrams show a basketball, one diagram shows a bowling ball of the same size but larger mass,…





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