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  • Gladiator

    Describe the military weapons used against the Germanic tribes. bow and arrows, shields, swords, fire How is Maximus viewed by his troops? They adore him and honor him What reward does Maximus ask of Marcus Aurelius? To let him go home What does Marcus Aurelius ask of Maximus as his…

  • On Duties – Cicero

    What is a brief summary of "On Duties?" Talks about how whose who govern need to view their responsibilities with care and with a goal to improve the public good. How does it relate to the Nichomachean Ethics? Cicero talks about moderation in emotions... Any access of emotion can become…

  • Latin Cicero In Verrem 2.1 Chapter 67 Translation

    As soon as Philodamus realised that what was happening Quod ubi ille intellexit, id agi and what was being prepared was the rape of his daughter, atque id parari ut filiae suae vis adferretur, he summons his slaves. servos suos ad se vocat; He commands them to disregard him, to…

  • Cicero Pro Caelio: ch. 9-12

    quoad in so far as togam virilem the toga of manhood continuo adv. at once, immediately deduco, ducere, duxi, ductum to bring to catissima most upright artibus honestissimis most honorable practices erudio, ire to educate defensio, onis f. a warding off, defense do, dare, dedi, datus sum to offer, give;…

  • cicero in verrem translation

    Aspendum vetus oppidum et nobile in Pamphylia scitis esse, plenissimum signorum optimorum. Non dicam illinc hoc signum ablatum esse et illud: hoc dico, nullum te Aspendi signum, Verres, reliquisse, omnia ex fanis, ex locis publicis, palam, spectantibus omnibus, plaustris evecta exportataque esse. Atque etiam illum Aspendium citharistam, de quo saepe…

  • Cicero’s Indignation

    In the first lines of his speech, what does Cicero do (rhetorically) to criticize Catiline? Uses 3 rhetorical questions What things did Cicero put in place to stop Catiline? 1.nightly guards of Palatine 2. watchmen of the city 3. fear of the people 4. assembly of all the good people…

  • Cicero, Caesar, and the Roman Republic

    63 B.C. When was Cicero consul in Rome? he was a novus homo What was special about Cicero becoming consul? orator (a lawyer in our time) What was Cicero's occupation before becoming consul? Lucius Sergius Crassus Who was Cicero's opponent in race for consul? Pompey, Caesar and Crassus Who was…

  • Cicero in Verrem 132-164

    revertar i return vi copiisque by military force praesertim especially profanis profane pepercit he refrains in in the matter of exercitu occupied rationem reason exspoliare i spoil appetivit I strive for apportata imported item also suburbano estate permulta very much adventum arrival comitatum retinue attigit to touch comparetis I am…

  • Cicero Summary

    1 How dare he come? - Focus on audacity 2 WE the consuls are failing to act 3 Historical precedent (Ti. Gracchus) 4 Historical precedent (C. Gracchus) - have a decree 5 Why he's not acting - in case some think he's too cruel 6 Cicero's tight rein on the…





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