• Cicero

    cicero's aims -create ethical rules drawing on stoicism -explain decline of Rome in ethical terms groups in Hellenistic period -Cyrenaics: human end monetary, intense pleasure -Stoics: agree with P and A that pleasure plays no central role in happiness but they exclude all external goods -Epicureans: pleasure highest good but… View Article

  • Cicero

    Cicero's full name Marcus Tullius Cicero Cicero's wife's name Terentia Cicero's daughter's name Tullia Cicero's son's name Marcus Cicero's best friend's nickname because he lived in Athens Atticus Cicero's brother's name Quintus place of exile Thessalonica, Greece against whom were the 4 orations? Catiline What happened to Cicero in 43… View Article

  • Latin Quotes of The Day

    Festina Lente! Hurry slowly - Augustus Acta est fabula The play is done - Augustus Alea iacta est The die has been cast - Caesar Hoc voluerunt They wished this - Caesar Veni, vidi, vici I came, I saw, I conquered - Caesar Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres… View Article

  • Life of Cicero

    When was Marcus Tullius Cicero? January 3, 106 B.C. What did Cicero study? rhetoric, poetry, & philosophy Toga Virilis toga of the adult male What did Cicero specialize in? study of oratory & law Where did Cicero get his education? first at Athens,then Rhodes under the rhetorician Molo What happened… View Article

  • Cicero: Catilinarian Orations

    abdico, abdicare (often used with reflexive pronouns): to resign from office before the legal term expires, abidcate abeo, abire, abii, abitum to go away, depart abhorreo, abhorrere, abhorrui (+ab +abl) to be unconnected with; to differ from; to be disagree with abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectum to throw down, cast down… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Acts 2 and 3

    We see evidence of Brutus' conflict over Caesar's growing power. What does he fear might happen if Caesar gains power? caesar will use power as weapon, turn back on everyone who helped him gain power, become unmerciful We see evidence of Brutus' conflict over Caesar's growing power. What causes his… View Article

  • CC Speech Ch. 2

    rhetoric art of public speaking, "faculty of discovering in the particular case all the available means of persuasion"- Aristotle who was the first to systematize public speaking Greek oral tradition speaking face to face with audience Greeks relied on... oral expression, ability to inform and give speeches of praise epideictic… View Article

  • Life of Cicero

    What were Cicero's children named? Marcus and Tullia What did Cicero do after the war? he became a lawyer in Rome What did Caesar do after the war? he pardoned Cicero What secret plan did Cicero prevent? the conspiracy of Catiline What did Marc Antony demand? Cicero's death What did… View Article

  • Cicero Pro Milone 30

    sicuti just as exposui i have explained gesta sunt happened vel potius or rather consecuta sit has gained sane of course prosit benefitted quin without, unless una aswell iure justly ratio logic doctis the learned mos custom feris wild beluis monsters quacumque by whatever ope means capite (head); (from their)… View Article