• Einstein QUIZ HYBRID

    allele A version of a gene Genetics Study of hereditary gene Strand of DNA that codes for a protein (Trait) Phenotype Physical characteristics (What the individual looks like) Ex) Red Petals Genotype Alleles Received (genes you have) Ex) RR Homozygous Having two of the same alleles for a particular trait… View Article

  • Albert Einstein

    www.alberteinsteinsite.com 3-21-13 He was name Person of the century by time magazine www.alberteinsteinsite.com 3-21-13 He was a high school dropout www.alberteinsteinsite.com 3-21-13 He was on hitlers Kill List www.alberteinsteinsite.com 3-21-13 He was born with a big head www.alberteinsteinsite.com 3-21-13 Two of Albert Einsteins least favorite things: haircut and socks www.alberteinsteinsite.com… View Article

  • Chapter 25 Cold War review

    McCarthyism Term implying bullying tactics, reckless charges, and unsubstantiated evidence Limited War War to achieve specific goals rather than the total defeat of the enemy Arms Race Never ending effort to acquire more powerful weapons than one's enemy Red Scare Fear of communists, both outside and within the United States… View Article

  • Einstein note cards

    Einstein's childhood family (source B and C) • Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879 • Six weeks after he was born he and his family moved to Munich • He grew up with his middle class, Jewish family • His dad (Hermann Einstein) was an… View Article


    Effects of deprivation Socially & verbally behind Effects of Enrichment - $ for toys (toys=good for kids) - baby einstein genius toys hunched at progressing education (altho =BS) -> normal vs deprived; no change in last 20 yrs; basically kids have always been playing. Society enriches you Motor Development Fine… View Article

  • Albert Einstein

    Phenomena Photoelectric effect Model Wave particle duality Wave particle duality light is both a wave and a particle Why is blue more intense than red? It has more photons associated with it Are the waves associated with colors all the same? Yes What does the term photoelectric effect mean? Taking… View Article

  • Eric Einstein

    זמר singer שחקן actor אמן artist נולד born נער teenager כדר רגל soccer כדור םל basketball גרה lived מאשרת happy לשיר to sing צבא army שׂיים finished אהב to love לחדש To renew שִׁיר song סרט movie הצגה play תַרְבּוּת culture סֵמֶל symbol צָבָּר אַחְדוּת unity View Article

  • Physics Crossword

    velocity rate of motion in a particular direction motion movement of an object acceleration increase in speed inertia state of rest, or motion in a straight line Galilei Galileo Italian physicist and astronomer, 1564-1642; found all objects fell at the same rate of speed in a vacuum Sir Isaac Newton… View Article

  • Modern World History: Chapter 15

    Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton - what is the relation between these two? AE theory of relativity replaces IN well believed ideas of motion and gravity Frank Kafka James Joyce and F Scott Fitzgerald were all what? Authors in the 1920's Fascism vs democracy after WWI People lost faith in… View Article