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  • Choosing the Right Career Path

    Choosing a career path is an important and often difficult decision to make. Perhaps you are being forced by your parents to choose a career that will provide you with a high salary. Or perhaps you don’t really know what kind of career you want to have. What you need…

  • Section 12.2

    Humanism based on the study of the classics, the literary work of Greece and Rome. Focus was on human achievement. Fresco Painting on the fresh wet plaster with water based paint. Petrarch Often called the father of the Italian Renaissance humanism, did more than any other individual in the 14th…

  • Julius Caesar Vocabulary

    Construe Interpret Cogitations Thoughts Accoutered Fully armed Entreat Make an earnest request of Fain Gladly Mettle Temperament Prodigies Omens Portentous Foreboding Augmented Made greater in size; established Visage Face Affability Friendliness; graciousness Ingrafted Planted firmly; established Prodigies Signs of Disaster Augurers Professional interpreters of omens Appertain Belong to as a…

  • Julius Caesar

    Why is Caesar returning to Rome? To celebrate overthrowing Pompey's son What is Lupercal? The God of Fun(?); a feast What are the "Ides of March"? 15th of March Who are Flavius and Marrulus? Why are they angry at the citizens and Caesar? For killing Pompey's son How did Caesar…

  • Chicago Taxi Exam 2013 Geography

    John Hancock Building Michigan/ Chestnut/ Delaware Wrigley Building Michigan/River Smurfit Stone Container Michigan/ Randolph AT&T Corporate Monroe/Franklin Chase Tower Dearborn/Monroe Roockery LaSalle/Jackson CNA Wabash/Jackson AON Center Randolph/Stetson NBC Tower Cityfront/Water Willis Tower Wacker/Jackson Chicago Board of Trade Jackson/LaSalle Chicago Board of Options Exchange LaSalle/VanBuren Federal Reserve Bank LaSalle/Adams Macy's State…

  • The Life of Cicero

    Molo famous rhetorician Verres Corrupt governor Cilicia where is Cicero is proconsul Tullia Daughter of Cicero Terentia Wife of Cicero Philippics speeches against Anthony Archias Cicero's teacher Sicily Cicero is quastor in Clodius Caused Cicero's exile Formiae Cicero Beheaded Atticus Man of moral integrity and honesty 58 BC When was…

  • English Julius Caesar Act II Notes

    In the opening of Act II what does Brutus reveal in his sililoqy? That Caesar must die not bc he has wronged Brutus but bc it is for the good of the general public. Why is Brutus up and unable to sleep? he is trying to decide what to do…

  • Cicero’s Relationships

    Terrentia Relationship shown in letters written in 58 Were together because of her good name and wealth After 20 years of marriage, he expresses himself in most affectionate terms Cicero uninterested in sex (but had 2 kids) apart from one letter in 50, no letters to Terentia up to 49…

  • rhetoric 2

    Aristotle established a techne of rhetoric, not just about giving speech, but building an argument. -Recognized that it is hard to persuade audience. Believed you need to adapt to audience. -Aristotle did not think much about delivery in rhetoric Aristotle His approach to rhetoric was pragmatic and scientific. Cicero Cicero…





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