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  • Atomic Theory – People & Contributions

    Democritus (400 BC) Greek philosopher - first description of an "atom" John Dalton (1803) English chemist/physicist - Dalton's Atomic Theory Johannes Rydberg (1888) Swedish physicist - Rydberg formula which predicts wavelengths of light emitted from e- changing energy levels in an H atom J.J Thomson (1897) English physicist- discovered the…

  • Chap 26 Sec 5, Chap 28 Sec 1Questions

    a growing class of factory and railroad workers, miners, and urban wage earners proletariat liberated young women of the Jazz Age flappers an artistic movement that attempts to portray the workings of the unconscious surrealism Which of the following groups seized complete control of Russia in 1917? the Bolsheviks Who…

  • Adv. US History: Chapter 15, Section 4

    Douglas McArthur - American general defeated in the Philippines - recaptured the Philippines Who said "I shall return?" Douglas McArthur Who is Enrico Fermi? helped create the atom bomb Who is Albert Einstein? famous German physicist who wrote FDR a letter about how a bomb could be built and that…

  • Atomic Structure Timeline (Chemists)

    Democritus - 400BC Proposed that all materials are made by tiny particles called atoms. Aristotle - 400BC -Proposed 4 elements (fire, water, wind, earth) -Thought matter was "continuous" (no such thing as particles) Isaac Newton - 1660 - English scientist, astronomer, mathematician -Real Experiments -Published paper stating their belief of…

  • WWII People 4

    Albert Einstein proposed the Manhattan Project, bomb was based off of his research Albert Einstein went to college in Switzerland and studied math and physics Albert Einstein theory of relativity- laid the basis for releasing energy from an atom Albert Einstein his books ordered to be burned, fired from his…

  • Science Section 4

    Origins of the Manhattan Project Europe was in a period of upheaval in the decades following World War I. Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, coinciding with his Nazi Party taking control of the German government. Benito Mussolini, having established a Fascist government in Italy, declared himself dictator…

  • Gravity

    What is gravity? Gravity is a type of force. Gravity depends on what two factors? Gravity depends on mass and distance. What is the moon's gravity compared to the Earth's? The moon's gravity is less than the Earth's gravity. About 1/6 as strong. How does the Sun's gravity compare to…

  • Brain & Behavior 1: Einstein’s brain

    Frontal lobe Speech production, movement, complex thinking, personality Temporal lobe Perception of objects, hearing, language comprehension Parietal lobe Perception of touch, reaching and grasping, spatial function Occipital lobe Exclusively devoted to vision and visual perception 4 Lobes of the Brain Occipital, Parietal, Frontal, Temporal Right/Let Hemispheres of the Brain Left:…

  • Dr. Einstein Drugs 8/29

    inotropic & chronotropic effect of DIGOXIN? inotropic: + chronotropic: - inotropic & chronotropic effect of BETA BLOCKERS? inotropic: - chronotropic: - inotropic & chronotropic effect of NON-1,4-DHP CA BLOCKERS? drug name(s)? inotropic: - chronotropic: - diltiazem & verapamil inotropic & chronotropic effect of 1st GENERATION 1,4-DHP CA BLOCKERS? drug name(s)?…





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