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  • Einstein’s Big Idea

    What was Einstein's brilliant insight about the speed of light and the nature of time? The rate at which time passes can speed up or slow down, but the speed of light is constant. What happens in 1905—Einstein's miracle year? He published five important physics papers--including E=mc2. What was the…

  • Einstein’s Letter

    military-industrial complex Concept commonly used to refer to policy and monetary relationships between legislators, national armed forces, and the military industrial base that supports them. These relationships include political contributions, political approval for military spending, lobbying to support bureaucracies, and oversight of the industry. Mutually Assured Destruction A doctrine that…

  • E=MC2

    E Energy M Mass C Speed of light 2 squared E=MC2 Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared

  • Einstein’s Big Idea

    Michael Faraday - Concept Discovered electromagnetism, connection between magnetism and electricity. Electricity flows sideways towards/around wire, not through it. Michael Faraday - Experiment Got static magnet to move a wire, instead of the other way around. Essentially invented electric motor. Antoine & Marie Laviosier - nationality French Antoine & Marie…

  • Chemistry/Physics PS test Time Travel based on Einstein’s theories

    1.The theory of Relativity and Einstein's thoughts on whether time travel is possible or not- Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity is composed of 2 separate theories. It includes both the theories of SPECIAL RELATIVITY and of GENERAL RELATIVITY. Special Relativity (The first theory created) the laws of physics are the…

  • Cosmos Episode 4

    What does William Herschel mean when he tells his son there is a "sky full of ghosts"? The stars are dead by the time the light reaches earth How fast does light travel in space? 186k per second Why do we see the sun before it is over the horizon?…

  • 5th Grade Industrial Revolution Inventors

    Thomas Edison An inventor and an entrepreneur who established a commercial laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey. There he led a team of scientists who were funded by investors in a quest for a variety of inventions. The inventions developed at Menlo Park included the incandescent light bulb and the…

  • History WW2

    Tuskegee Airmen 332 Fighter Group famous for shooting down over 200 enemy planes. African American pilots who trained at the Tuskegee flying school. E Bonds Savings bonds that Americans bought during WWII Leyte Gulf Pacific battle fought for control of the Philippines; largest naval battle in history. 442 regimental combat…

  • Research – the History of the Atomic Bomb

    1. Subject: What is the Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project Even before the outbreak of war in 1939, a group of American scientists-many of them refugees from fascist regimes in Europe-became concerned with nuclear weapons research being conducted in Nazi Germany. In 1940, the U.S. government began funding its own…





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