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  • Othello act 2 quiz

    Cyprus Where does scene 1 take place? 1 week How much time has passed? 3 How many groups of ships are here? Iago's wife and desdemona's friend Who is Amelia? War over What's the war status? Montano Who is the governor of Cyprus? Othello Who is Cassio worried about? She… View Article

  • World Litterature Othello Act 4, Scene 1

    What do Othello and Iago discuss at the beginning of the scene? Why? They are describing Cassio affair with Desdemona; to get Othello even more jealous. What evidence shows that Othello's suspicions about Desdemona have affected his physical health? He's has been having siezures. What comfort does Iago suggest to… View Article

  • Othello Act 5 scene 2

    Who kills Othello He commits sucide What question does Othello ask Desdemona upon awakening her? If she wants to finally confess How does Othello kill Desdemona? Strangles her Who kills Emilia? Iago Who is at fault for all the murders? Iago Who tells the truth Emilia Who's all dead? Brabantio,… View Article

  • Othello Jealousy Quotes

    Iago: Forsooth Iago: Forsooth, a great arithmetician, / One Michael Cassio, a Florentine Roderigo: To the gross Roderigo: To the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor Iago: I hate Iago: I hate the Moor Iago: Cassio's a Iago: Cassio's a proper man Cassio: She's a Iago: And, I'll Cassio: She's… View Article

  • Othello Questions

    What does Roderigo want more than anything else? Desdemona What two reasons does Iago give for being upset with Othello at the beginning of the play? Giving his position to Cassio and a rumor saying that Othello slept with Emilia. Who is Othello's first lieutenant as the play begins? Cassio… View Article

  • Othello Characters

    Othello "Moor", main character, respected general, easy prey to insecurities, Iago twists this person's love for their wife into powerful and destructive jealousy Desdemona daughter of Brabantio, determined and self-possessed, pure, can't prove to her husband she didn't cheat and is strangled Iago villain of the play, motives are murky,… View Article

  • Freytag Pyramid of Othello

    Exposition part 1 Iago and Roderigo talk and confront Brabantio Exposition part 2 Cassio tells Othello he is called for, and Brabantio insults and accuses him Exposition part 3 Iago reveals his scheme. Othello, Brabantio, and Desdemona speak to the Duke Rising Action part 1 In Cyprus, the Turks drown;… View Article

  • Othello Act 5

    A5. What is Iago's plan for Cassio? to have Roderigo kill Cassio in the street A5. For what two reasons does he say he wants Cassio dead? to fulfill his plans and get him out of the way A5. Iago also feels he will benefit if it happens that Cassio… View Article

  • Othello: Key Quotes

    'Let him do his spite' In his first appearance in Act 1, Scene 2 Othello appears calm and collected 'But that I love the gentle Desdemona, I would not my unhoused and free condition put into circumscription and confine for all the sea's worth' Othello tells Iago that he loved… View Article

  • othello

    what is roderigo complaining about in the opening scene? Othello's love with Desdemona and how Brabantio did not let him marry Desdemona How does Iago say he hates othello so much and what does he mean when he says "in following him, i follow by myself"? Othello hates Iago so… View Article

  • Othello: Act 3 Quotes

    s3 DESDEMONA (D's innate goodness; will be their downfall) "My lord shall never rest; I'll watch him tame and talk him out of patience" s3 IAGO (Iago tempts O to jealousy) "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds… View Article

  • OTHELLO Study Questions, Characters and Essays SparkNotes

    1. To what extent does Othello's final speech affect our assessment of him? What is the effect of his final anecdote about the Turk? Certainly, Othello's final speech is not all that one might wish for—his claim to be "one not easily jealous" is open to question, and his claim… View Article

  • Othello Quote Test

    Iago "Mere prattle without practice is all his soldiership." Iago "I am not what I am." Brabantio "The worser welcome. I have charged thee not to haunt about my doors." Brabantio "What tell'st thou me of robbing? This is Venice. My house is not a grange." Iago "I am one,… View Article

  • Othello Act 1, Scene 1-3 Questions

    How does Shakespeare get the audience's immediate attention? Racial Slurs and Brings the Reader into the middle of the Action. Why is Roderigo angry and frustrated? He did not get to marry Desdemona, Othello did. Why does Iago resent Othello? Othello chose a different guy for the promotion. What seems… View Article

  • Aspects of Love in Othello Quotes

    "She loved me for the dangers I had passed/ I loved her that she did pity them" Othello, act 1 scene 3, love as healing, or as mutual sympathy in times of despair "And this, and this, the greatest discords be/That our hearts shall make." Othello, act 2 scene 1,… View Article