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Mark Twain Flashcards Essay Examples

Mark Twain Timeline

1835 Born in Florida, MO 1839 Age 4 moved to Hannibal, MO 1843 Clemens family lost everything owned in sheriffs sale 1847 age 11 John Clemens dies (dad) 1849 First portrait of him 1851 published first humorous report about a fire 1853 travels to St. Louis, New York City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, all working in different…

History of Mark Twain

Mark Twain is from? Florida Missouri What humorist from the early 20th century was almost a carbon copy of Mark Twain? Will Rodgers To what President could Mark Twain be compared? Abraham Lincoln Considering his humor, what is surprising about Twain’s view of the world? HIs view is pestimistic but ocvers it with laughter Name…

Mark Twain

What was Mark Twain’s original name? Samuel Langhorne Clemens Where did Twain grow up? Hannibal, Mississippi What significant event happened to Twain and his family when he was twelve? His father died of pneumonia How did Twain find out that he enjoyed writing? He joined his brother’s newspaper What was Twain’s job in 1858 and…



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APUSH Chapter 25 Vocabulary

Charles Darwin many wealthy Americans of the late 1800s defended wipe-open capitalism by relying on his “survival-of-the-fittest” theories Stephen Crane he was the 14th son of a Methodist minister who wrote about the seamy underside of life in urban, industrial America. His Maggie: Girl Of the Streets was published in 1893 Booker T. Washington the…

Mark Twain- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Langhorne Clemens Where did Mark Twain grow up? Hannibal, Missouri At an early age Mark Twain began working for ______ and _______ a printer and a newspaper What was Mark Twain’s first published writing? a humorous sketch True or False: Mark Twain panned for gold in the American West? True…

APUSH Chapter 25

Louis Sullivan Chicago architect; contributed to development of skyscrapers; “form follows function”; helped make sky scrapers popular Walking Cities cities in which more people walked since in this era, there were other forms of transit (ex. Electric trolleys) that would allow mass transportation; leg-power was limited and transits gave more freedom to do more Departments…

APUSH Chapter 25 Vocabulary

new immigrants immigrants from southern and easter europe who formed a recognizable wave of immigration from the 1880s until 1924, in contrast to the immigrants from western Europe who had come before them settlement houses mostly run by middle-class native born women, they were in immigrant neighborhoods and provided housing, food, education, child care, cultural…

Mark Twain Biography

From what book does Earnest Hemmingway write that all modern American literature comes? Huckleberry Finn How did Twain write things? as he saw it What is Twain often called? the Lincoln of American literature Would you consider Twain a reformist? Why or why not? Yes because even though he might not have realized it at…

Eng 11 Humor in Amer Realism (Unit 3)

ex: of hyperbole they’ll flock in droves/they’ll fight for that stock “Interview with President Lincoln” (uses humor) I’m the father of twins, and they look like me — both of them breaking the bill giving change common clay ordinary man trifle small amount larks tricks What does Mark Twain satirize in “Bank-Note” the long list…

Mark Twain

Early Life Born in Florida, Missouri http://www.cmgww.com/historic/twain/about/bio.htm Early Life Born November 30, 1835 http://www.cmgww.com/historic/twain/about/bio.htm Early Life Parents where John Marshall Clemens, Jane Lampton Clemens. http://www.cmgww.com/historic/twain/about/bio.htm Early Life Mark twains father John Marshall was a lawyer. http://www.biography.com/people/mark-twain-9512564 Early Life Three years after Samuel came into the world, his parents’ seventh and last child was born, a…

Mark twain

Mark twain’s real name Samuel climons Place twain grew up Missouri At age 12 he left school and became what Printers apprentice At 22 he was able to fulfill his boyhood dream of becoming what Steamboat man (most ind. man on earth) Clemons lost his job bc of what war Civil war He joined the…

cub pilot on the mississippi// twain

how long was twains apprenticeship? two and a half years what kind of apprenticeship does twain serve? a steamboat apprenticeship how does brown cause conflict between him and twain? by setting twain up in situations to fail who does Twain try to defend when he hits Brown? he tries to defend his little brother, henry…

Facts About Mark Twain

Mark Twain Source #1 Mark Twain was born on November 30,1835 in the city of Florida, MO. Mark Twain Source #1 Mark Twain died on April 21, 1910 in the city of Redding, CT. Mark Twain Source #1 The author was married to Olivia Langdon Clemens. They married from 1870-1904 Mark Twain Source #1 Mark…

Mark Twain Test

What is Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Langhorne Clemons How are Twain and Tom Sawyer alike? They are both a romantic, embellisher, a troublemaker, a trickster,and was always getting into fights Why did Twain leave school around age 12? His dad died so he had to work and earn money to help his family What…

Simple Machines (Mark Twain Media, Inc. Publications)

Acceleration equals net force/mass Actual Mechanical Advantage the ratio of the resistance force to the effort force Advantage related to resistance and force. The ratio of the resistance to the effort force is called ideal mechanical advantage Archimedian Screw Device invented to raise water Belt System A compound machine made up of the wheel and…


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