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  • APUSH: Chapter 41 Vocabulary

    Monica Lewinsky young White House intern whose sexual affair with President Clinton led to his impeachment Al Gore President Clinton's loyal vice president who won the most popular votes but lost the election of 2000 Richard Cheney George W. Bush's vice president who vigorously promoted conservative domestic policies and the… View Article

  • Decolonization and independence, Government

    South Africa's Population Registration Act of 1950 created a race-based classification system. During the colonial era, South African society became divided based on race. Which list correctly orders events in the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa? C i. The Population Registration Act was signed. ii. The Soweto… View Article

  • Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

    Summary of what happens Nelson Mandela describes his inauguration speech as South Africa's first democratic president. He says there was a "rainbow gathering" of people of all races and backgrounds. South Africa had been struggling with white supremacy for years When does Mandela say the fight will be over with?… View Article

  • South Africa and Apartheid

    What challenges does South Africa face today as a democracy? Check all that apply. high poverty and high unemployment rates unequal access to transportation and technology Which list correctly orders events in the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa? i. The Population Registration Act was signed. ii. The… View Article

  • South Africa and Apartheid

    What type of government did European settlers create in South Africa in 1909? a democratic republic that included all citizens a democratic republic that excluded many citizens a parliamentary government that included all citizens a parliamentary government that excluded many citizens How did Nelson Mandela expand his anti-government activities in… View Article

  • History Final Part 7

    What was a major contributor to unrest in Nigeria? its many ethnicities and religions a series of military dictatorships an economic dependence on oil clashes with other African nations its many ethnicities and religions When military leaders and dictators ruled Nigeria, they sometimes tried to prevent unrest by allowing peaceful,… View Article

  • Nelson Mandela Vocabulary

    rift a separation between people eradicate to abolish or get rid of segregate to separate demoralize to destroy the spirit of feasible capable of being accomplished emancipate to set free pigment a substance causing clolor cynical distrusting negotiate to come to an agreement devastate to destroy completing View Article

  • Glory and Hope by Nelson Mandela

    spurn reject or refused with scorn chasm marked division, separation, or difference deprivation state of having something taken away inalienable impossible to give up or take away amnesty pardon for past offenses How is Mandela like MLK? like MLK because he fought for freedom of blacks in South Africa How… View Article

  • cool beans

    Which individual led the Convention People's Party, the first formal political party in black Africa? Kwame Nkrumah Among the selectively distributed benefits of Western civilization in Africa in the 1940s was/were railway networks and other industrial sectors in Algeria and South Africa All of the following were results of European… View Article

  • Apartheid and Nelson Mandela

    What is Apartheid Segregation of races in South Africa What was life like for black Africans under the Apartheid Segregated housing, jobs and education What are homelands Areas that black South Africans had to live in Who made up the majority of South Africa Blacks Who was Nelson Mandela Fought… View Article

  • Long Walk To Freedom – Nelson Mandela

    What name was Mandela given at birth? Rolihlahla What does Rolihlahla mean in Xhosa? pulling the branch of a tree What is Rolihlahla's colloquial meaning? troublemaker When and where was Mandela born? July 18, 1918, Mvezo What district is Mandela's birth village, Mvezo, located in? Umtata Who is Mandela's father?… View Article

  • Unit 6: The Contemporary World

    What was the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in helping Latin American countries? Correct offered loans to Latin American countries that encouraged free-market economies Which was a major challenge in Mexico in the early twenty-first century? ongoing violence caused by Mexico's drug cartels Why didn't Latin American nations… View Article

  • K12 – World History – Semester 2 – Unit 6 Final

    Which economic problem did many Latin American nations face in the years following World War II? Trade deficits, lack of investment capital, and wide gaps between rich and poor Which was an effect of industrialization in Latin American nations during the postwar years? Relocation of millions of workers to cities,… View Article

  • Nelson Mandela

    Dutch East India Company (Cape Colony - See Map) In 1602, a group of regents of Holland formed the Dutch East India Company, a joint-stock company. It traded extensively with Latin America and Africa. Within half a century, the Dutch East India Company had cut heavily into the Portuguese trading… View Article

  • Nelson Mandela

    July 18, 1918 He is born in the Transkei region of South Africa. 1926 Starts elementary school and given name 'Nelson' by teacher 1934 Traditional initiation rite;concept of ubuntu is deeply embedded 1939 Studies at University College of Fort Hare - unusual for a black man to go that far… View Article