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Mandela Flashcards Essay Examples

APUSH chapter 39-41 terms

Richard Nixon Elected to the Presidency, and promised peace with honor in Vietnam which means withdrawing American soldiers from South Vietnam. Part of the Watergate Scandal. Spiro Agnew Nixon’s vice-president, resigned and pleaded “no contest” to charges of tax evasion on payments made to him when he was governor of Maryland. Daniel Ellsberg Former Pentagon…

APUSH Chapter 40

Proposition 13 Limits the amount of taxes to a maximum of 1% of the March 1, 1975, market value of the property plus the cumulative increase of 2% in market value each year thereafter Boll weevils The nickname for the southern conservative Democrats whose sympathy helped President Reagan’s 1981 economic measures pass through Congress with…

APUSH Chapter 41

George Bush Vice President under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924) Bill Clinton 42nd President advocated economic and healthcare reform; second president to be impeached Edward Kennedy He is a Senator from Massachusetts and the last of the Kennedy brothers. In 1979, he said that he was going to challenge…



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APUSH spring terms unit 10

New Federalism the transfer of certain powers from the United States Government back to the states; name of President Ronald Reagan’s economic program Helsinki Accords signed by the US, Canada, and many of the European states in an attempt to improve relations between the Soviet bloc and the West War Powers Act a law intended…

Key Terms- Nelson Mandela

discriminate to be against the basis of a group inferior lower in rank, degree, or status coloured a person of mixed descendant oppression the exercise of power in an unjust manner compassion a feeling of deep sympathy for someone who has misfortune Kaffir a black person township a separate area of land reserved for blacks…

WH: Contemporary Issues

In what nation did the Soviet Union place missiles, which U.S. President John F. Kenney saw as a threat to the United States? Cuba What nation experienced the Velvet Revolution, a peaceful and non-violent movement to remove Communists from power? Czechoslovakia Which of the following is NOT true about the arms race between the United…

Nelson Mandela

Who is Nelson Mandela? Nelson Mandela was put in jail for 26 years and then became the first black president of South Africa, ANC supporter, was sent to jail for having connections and being part of the ANC was relased from jail when apartheid ended. How long did he spend in jail? 27 years How…


In the early 1900s, European settlers in South Africa created a policy of embargoes and trade sanctions. a system of segregation that split society. a plan of sabotage against the government. a style of government based on democracy. a system of segregation that split society. The African National Congress was founded to draft a constitution…

South Africa and Nelson Mandela

Which two countries colonized south Africa in the 17th century? English and Dutch What two colonies did the Dutch establish? Orange free state and Transvaal. What was this war called? Boer war What was an apartheid? A social system based on discrimination and race. Describe what aspects of social life apartheid touched? -Marriage: blacks and…

IMPORTANT Nelson Mandela Facts

When was Nelson Mandela Born? July 18, 1918 Where was Nelson Mandela Born? Mvezo, South Africa What was Nelson Mandela known as? a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Wikipedia When and how long was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for? 27 years, 1963-1990 What…


In 1964, Nelson Mandela’s sentence was changed to Life in prison In 1962, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and charged with terrorism. False Despite the repression that Nelson Mandela and the ANC faced they never resorted to the False Nelson Mandela spent his early years as a sheep and cattle herder. True In South Africa’s 1994…

Unit 7 Common Assessment

Which best describes the lives of black South Africans during apartheid? Blacks as well as non-whites were discriminated against in terms of housing, travel, employment, and education. Why did artificial boundaries created by Europeans cause conflict in Africa? The boundaries separated some ethnic groups and forced other ethnic groups to live together. Which term refers…

Nelson Mandela

when and to whome was Nelson Mandela born? 1918 (94 this year) his dad was the cheif of his Sfrican Timbu tribe. When did Nelson Mandela earn his law degree. 1942. What was the role of the ANC (African National Congress) during Mandela’s younger years? It was the main black apartheid reseistence organization. ANC African…

South Africa and Apartheid

After returning to South Africa from Algeria in 1964, Nelson Mandela was arrested and imprisoned. In the early 1900s, European settlers in South Africa created a system of segregation that split society. During the colonial era, South African society became divided based on race. The Sharpeville demonstration of 1960 resulted in the death of sixty-nine…

History of Civ 2 Final

All except which of the following developments occurred at the Yalta conference held in 1945? The leaders of the three Allied nations were deeply divided over the future of Japan The Truman Doctrine… Stated that the United States would provide aid for any nation that was being threatened by communist subversion The European Recovery Program…


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