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  • Macbeth Unit Test

    Where do the witches say they will meet macbeth? Upon the heath-uncultivated plains How do the witches speak? In rhyme,each witch has something to say three times,paradox Paradox statement that seems to contradict itself or to be impossible, but is actually true What is the meaning of "Fair is Foul,Foul… View Article

  • Macbeth Act 1

    What is the point of the first scene? To help establish a theme & a setting What does Duncan call Macbeth when he hears Macbeth has defeated Macdonwald? valiant, worthy Who is sentenced to death? Thane of Cawdor What do the witches predict for Macbeth and Banquo? Macbeth: he will… View Article

  • Drama: Act V – Macbeth

    In The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act V, when the doctor tells the waiting-gentlewoman to take from Lady Macbeth "the means of all annoyance," it is because he fears that Lady Macbeth might try to kill herself. In The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act V, Scene iii, what does Macbeth's behavior toward… View Article

  • Macbeth V

    When the doctor watches Lady Macbeth sleepwalking in Act V of The Tragedy of Macbeth, he is completely baffled. In The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act V, Scene i, you can tell that the waiting-gentlewoman is loyal to Lady Macbeth. Why does Shakespeare have Macbeth display certain admirable traits at the… View Article

  • Drama: Act III – Macbeth

    Which of the following sentences has correct subject-verb agreement? a. Lady Macbeth, mistress of many servants, walk to the banquet hall. b. When approaching the palace, Banquo, not Fleance, are killed. c. Fleance, without Banquo, escape. d. When he first enters the banquet hall, Macbeth appears cheerful. A When Act… View Article

  • Macbeth Acts 4

    Witch 2 says, "By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes." Who arrives? Macbeth arrives What is Macbeth's attitude towards the witches this time? He is demanding, trying to take charge. What four things did the witches show Macbeth? What does each show/say? What isMacbeth's reaction? They… View Article

  • Macbeth Act 4

    Witch 2 says, "By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes." Who comes? Macbeth What is Macbeth's attitude towards the witches this time? He is demanding trying to take charge What four things did the witches show Macbeth? An armed head, a bloody child, a crowned child… View Article

  • English: Macbeth Crossword

    Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane This is the first title Macbeth inherits Thane of Glamis "More is thy due thna more than all can pay" Duncan According to Macbeth, life is tale told by an idiot The goddess of witchcraft Hecate "Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell… View Article

  • Macbeth- Act 5

    For what are the Doctor and Gentlewoman waiting to see? Lady Macbeth to sleepwalk Why is Lady Macbeth running her hands? to wash the blood off of her hands what is she carrying? a taper What is a taper? a light or a candle Who is taking notes? the doctor… View Article

  • Drama: Act II – Macbeth

    In The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act II, Macbeth declares he will "sleep no more" because he believes a. he will now become a fugitive. c. he will not have sweet dreams. b. his conscience will never let him rest. d. he will soon die. B To creep through the castle… View Article

  • Macbeth Act 3

    What does Banquo think about the witches prophesies? Since they have come true for Macbeth, they may yet come true for him as well. Why does Macbeth want Banquo and Fleance dead? He knows they suspect him of foul play, and he is furious that he has done all of… View Article

  • Macbeth Quotes Act 3

    ...and I fear thou play'dst most folly for it. (Banquo soliloquy) Banquo admits he has suspicious Macbeth was the murderer of Duncan. To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo stick deep. (Macbeth soliloquy) To be king is nothing, but to be securely stationed… View Article

  • Macbeth Act III

    Where does Scene I take place? Palace What does Banquo say at the beginning of Act III? aware of the unfair play of Macbeth but the descants go to him for heir What is Macbeth doing at the beginning of Scene I? having a ceremonial banquet What is Macbeth concerned… View Article

  • English: Drama: Act V – Macbeth

    The soldier who sold secrets to the enemy army was imprisoned for ____ . treason In Act I of The Tragedy of Macbeth, why does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth has a poor chance of achieving power? He is not ruthless enough. During the Elizabethan period, theater companies began to use… View Article

  • Macbeth acts I-III

    QUOTES The Prince of Cumberland! That is a step/on which I must fall down, or else o'erleap. (Act I) Macbeth, Malcolm is now the prince of Cumberland! To become king myself, I'm either going to have to step over him or give up, because he's in my way O never/Shall… View Article