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  • Civil War Trivia

    The first big battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter. Which state was it in? A.North Carolina B.South Carolina C.New Hampshire D.New York B. South Carolina The soldiers who fought for the Union side were mostly from which side of the country? A. The North B. The… View Article

  • Lincoln Foreign Policy

    Charles Francis Adams Appointed by Lincoln as minister to great Britain during the Civil War, Adams represented the Union cause, helping to prevent Great Britain from recognizing the Confederacy as an independent nation and inervening on their behalf. Enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine In 1862, France invaded Mexico. This was… View Article

  • Abraham LIncoln

    What state was Lincoln born in? Kentucky What were the names of his parents? Nancy and Thomas Lincoln Why did the Lincolns move to Indiana? They lost their farm and all of the savings What happened to Lincoln's mother? She died of milk sickness How many steps do you walk… View Article

  • Abraham Lincoln

    1809 the year Abraham Lincoln was born 1865 the year of Abraham Lincoln's death 1860 the year Abraham Lincoln was elected President 16th which President Lincoln was President-elect the man who has been elected to become the next President Inauguration Day the day on which the President-elect becomes the President… View Article

  • Chap 15

    Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton are both known for their Civil War efforts as 1. nurses on the battlefield and behind the lines. 2. prison camp reformers. 3. surgeons specializing in battlefield amputations. 4. strike leaders in northern industries nurses on the battlefield and behind the lines. The Civil War… View Article

  • #16 Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln Republican Abraham Lincoln In anticipation(looking forward to) of an antislavery President South Carolina succeeded from the union in 1860. Abraham Lincoln Within weeks, 6 states had left the Union and 8 more became border states. Abraham Lincoln Lincoln was the father of a 2nd political revolution and the… View Article

  • Abraham Lincoln Presidency Chart

    Abraham Lincoln (16th) (1861 - 1865) Lincoln's Cabinet William H. Seward Salmon P. Chase Simon Cameron Edward Bates Election of 1860 Lincoln, Republican Democratic was split over slavery Fort Sumner April 1861 Charleston Harbor, SC Shots that started Civil War Civil War Lincoln and the search for a general Draft… View Article

  • Civil War

    What are the three main causes of the Civil War? State sovereignty Slavery Economic Rivalries What is State Sovereignty The power struggle between the state and the federal government What was the basis of Economic Rivalries between the North and South The Tariff of Abominations Define Tariff of Abominations 1828… View Article

  • APUSH Chapter 14

    Abraham Lincoln 16th President. Head of the Republican Party. Wanted to halt slavery, not abolish it. Won civil war. Antietam Bloodiest battle of Civil War. Union victory due to Southern retreat. Appomattox Court House Where Lee surrenders to Grant kind of ending Civil War. Bull Run First death of the… View Article

  • APUSH Ch. 19 Voc.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe She wrote the abolitionist book. It helped to crystallize the rift between the North and South. It has been called the greatest American propaganda novel ever written, and helped to bring about the Civil War. In 1862, when she visited President Lincoln, legend claims that he greeted… View Article

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln issued it and freed all the slaves in the Confederate states, but slaves in Border States loyal to the Union remained enslaved. It only applied to states in rebellion (Confederate states). It led to slaves rebelling and joining the Union army and increased sympathy from Europe. Civil… View Article

  • APUSH Chapter 13 Vocab

    Abraham Lincoln got noticed in the public eye during the Lincoln-Douglass debates leading up to the 1858 congressional elections. Spoke passionately about the wrongs of slavery. While he didn't see whites and blacks as being equal, he did believe blacks should have rights. Was not necessarily an abolitionist. Nominated to… View Article

  • Chap 14

    Early in the struggle to win Kansas, proslavery supporters 1. provided an excellent example of how the legal and orderly implementation of popular sovereignty might take place. 2. got no support from the presidential administration of Millard Fillmore. 3. from out of state invaded Kansas, to control the election through… View Article

  • APUSH Chapter 21

    Uncle Tom's Cabin Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1853 that highly influenced england's view on the American Deep South and slavery. a novel promoting abolition. intensified sectional conflict. Tom Shows for those who were illiterate, these were plays/shows acting out scenes of Uncle Tom's Cabin, many soldiers remembered them… View Article

  • history ch 13-16

    The Wilmot Proviso of 1846 proposed that slavery be prohibited throughout the entire area ceded by Mexico. As the battle over the expansion of slavery intensified in the 1840s, Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan proposed the doctrine of "popular sovereignty," a measure that would allow people who settled the territories… View Article