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Coca-cola Flashcards Essay Examples

Anth-1510 Chapter 11

The using up of material goods necessary for human physical survival is called Consumption To the question “Why do people X raise peanuts and sorghum?” Malinowski would reply To meet their basic human need for food The social connections linking human beings who engage in different production tasks and who must work together are called…

Marketing Test 2

Back translation Practice where a translated word or phrase is re-translated into the original language Balance of trade Difference between the monetary value of a nation’s exports and imports Bottom of the pyramid Largest but poorest socieconomic group of people in the world Consumer ethnocentrism Don’t buy foreign products Countertrade Bartering 15-20% of world trade…

Intro to Drugs and Behavior, Chapter 11: Caffeine (Practice questions)

The legend of the discovery of coffee relates to Kaldi and his dancing goats The early history of coffee included a 1674 pamphlet from England titled The Women’s Petition Against Coffee. In the 18th century, English coffeehouses were referred to as penny universities In 1970, Americans drank more coffee than any other nonalcoholic beverage product….



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Ch 6 MKT

Influences on Global Trade decline of protectionism; formal economic integration & free trade; global competition; emergence of marketspace; economic espionage Influence, Protectionism shielding industries from foreign competition by imposing -tariffs (import taxes) to raise prices -quotas (quantity restrictions) to protect domestic market share World Trade Organization: governing body for global trade Influence, Integration & Free…


What is the fountain station responsible for? Preparing drinks and maintaining the flow of orders to be delivered to Sonic guests. What are the duties of the fountain station? Duties involve matching drinks with food orders and organizing the trays so that carhops deliver the right order to the right car. Why is it important…

Chapter 10 MKTG199

C What social network did not succeed in the U.S. but has been successful in other countries? A.)MySpace B.)RenRen C.)Orkut D.)Bebo E.)Friendster True Social networks blur the line between business and personal life. True/False E Why is the Coca-Cola Facebook page different from other brand pages? A.)It was one of the first company managed brand…

Macroeconomics: Chapters 4 and 6

The price elasticity of demand coefficient measures: buyer responsiveness to price changes. The basic formula for the price elasticity of demand coefficient is: percentage change in quantity demanded/percentage change in price. The demand for a product is inelastic with repsect to price if: consumers are largely unresponsive to a per unit price change. Which of…

HEP 3000

Know what the typical alcohol content is for commercial beers, whiskey, vodka, and gin Whiskey, vodka, and Gin: 45% Beer: 4% Wine: 12% Know what effect the prohibition had after it implemented It reduced alcohol intake. AKA it worked! reasons the prohibition was repealed Alcohol taxes had been a major source of revenue. Concerns that…

Marketing 341

What tools help a marketer conduct a situational analysis SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Growth Strategies Markets, Market penetration, current, new 3 phases of strategic planning planning, implementing, and controlling Market penetration existing marketing mix, existing customer market development strategy Product development new product/service, current target market Diversification new product or service Demographic data that…

ORG-Practice Test-Final

1. The __________ approach is the ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number. a. justice b. moral-rights c. defensive d. utilitarian e. individualism d 2. Good listeners exhibit all of the following characteristics EXCEPT a. tolerates bad habits. b. having preconceptions. c. asking questions. d. judges content, not delivery…

ch 8-9

Marco was assigned to help create a positioning strategy for the manufacturing firm where he works by working on the salient attributes. He should consider: what the target marketing would consider the most important. Firms might use multiple segmentation methods to: All of the above Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero to avoid cannibalizing current sales and…

MKTG 199 part 2

Are photo sharing sites are a form of social networks. T or F T Flickr appeals mostly to Photographers and those who appreciate high quality artistic photos. Which photo sharing website was first used by the White House official photographer? Flickr One of the challenges faced by the Library of Congress was Making historical materials…

CH 7-12 QUIZES HEP3000

The CNS depressants include various prescription drugs referred to as sedative-hypnotics The usual recreational dose of GHB when taken alone is about 1-5grams Inhalant use has traditionally been more common among poor Hispanic and Native American youth. What has kept paraldehyde from being widely used? bad taste and odor Among the barbiturates, when prescribing a…

chap 11: caffeine

the legend of the discovery of coffee relates to kaldi and the dancing goats the early history of coffee included a 1674 pamphlet from england titled the womens petition against coffee in the 18th century coffee houses were referred to as penny universities the largest exporters of coffee to the US are colombia, brazil, and…

Marketing Notes

The primary purpose of 3M’s 15% rule is to…. provide inventors with an opportunity to identify solutions to problems and/or identify new opportunities that would lead to marketable 3M products. When the Eastman Kodak Company concerns itself with disposal of its film packages in national parks by promoting the slogan “Take only pictures, leave only…


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