Flag of the United States and U.s. Car Maker Essay

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Flag of the United States and U.s. Car Maker

1. In your opinion, what were the most important design considerations for BMW when redesigning the Mini for the U.S. car market?

As for U.S. car maker, the first place that they should redesign the image and the style of the BMW. As to suit the market, BMW should make the car a little larger; add some modern bits inside of the car. As I know, they highlighted the British theme by adding extras like the flag on the roof, therefore, as for the U.S. car maker, they also can add the extras like American flag on the roof, and even they can design the car cover of the American flag.

2. What would be the most important benefits to design into this car for the targeted market segment(s)? The targeted market segments for Mini are people who are 24-32, young white-collar, urban professionals who owned their “first car”, which is adventurous, extraverted and car for personal users.

As we know the Mini’s target market are people who are 24-32 years old, who just graduate from university or have their first job. Therefore, the social media is very important to them. Company can insert the social app like Twitter and Facebook to and Web Radio to the car, which you can receive the status updates and tune into online radio stations via iphone and to listen to them in Mini. Create a Mini website which let car owner customize their own outfits of the car.

3. What would be the key points of discussion between design and other functional areas within BMW in order to deliver a car with the desired benefits?

As my point of view, between design and functional areas, the key points of discussion are cost, environmental problems and ethical issues. In order to deliver a car with the desired benefits, company should consider about the cost of product. Even though the design may increase the sales, but reasonable cost will determined by the management of company. In addition, increasingly people pay attention to the environmental problem, except build a designable car with other functions, company also should take care of the environment, such as the emission issue. As for ethical issue, when find out the small pitfall of a BMW, company should recall it immediately, cannot do like Ford Company’s Pinto case, should assume the responsibility.

4. More broadly, when a car such as the Beetle or Thunderbird is redesigned or given a facelift for the modern car buyer, what are the design pitfalls and concerns, and specifically, what kind of market research should be conducted to ensure that the pitfalls are avoided?

When a car such as the Beetle or Thunderbird is redesigned for the modern car buyers, the most concerned issue is safety. Some of the redesigns want to satisfy the demands of consumers, however ignore the safety issues. In my opinion, the Primary research is research that design and conduct by ourselves. Several tools are available to the market researcher—e.g., mail questionnaires, phone surveys, observation, and focus groups. Research will often help us reduce risks associated with a new product, but it cannot take the risk away entirely. It is also important to ascertain whether the research has been complete.

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