Five Accounting Unethical Issues

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Dishonest Approaches are carried out to manipulate the monetary records of a bussiness firm. And following are the couple of techniques:
Legal: Misuse of law in case of payment
Data: Overemphasizing profits and profits to mislead/confuse Tax: Preventing to pay actual tax
Transperency: Attempting to counterfeit/falsifying in case of investigation Exploitation: Misuing funds

These issues emerges due to competitors between the bussiness firms to raise their numbers. Greed to have more money and violate the law. Chance makes burglars when offered the bribery.

People who work for a giant business business, stops working to consider of the box when considering remainder of the world. Performing dishonest behaviour and claimimg it as ignorance, which is not true.

Transparent code of ethic which should be professinally implemented in the firm, and as well as among the employees. Maintaining healthy competition betwwen the firms. Publishing actual financial data. Responsible to pay tax. Awarding the apraisal and rewards for ethical behaviour. Legally there should be strict laws for unethical behaviour.

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Five Accounting Unethical Issues

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