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FITT principle of intensity

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This cool down reduced the likelihood of injury and another benefit was that it will reduce stiffness, this made it possible for me to enforce the FITT principle of intensity as I will be able to repeat train at the same intensity as the effects from previous session will be minimal. Evaluation On Completion of the 8 week training program I completed a set of test which had been previously done at the commencement. I redid the bleep test and achieve a score of 11.

6 which is a satisfactory increase and show that the training done at the beginning in the first microcycle and the continue CV fitness in my club training was beneficial. It showed that my respiratory system had become more efficient in taking in and absorbing oxygen into the blood to produce energy. I also released that my recovery rate had a significant improvement on the original time that I did the bleep test it took some time for my heart rate to lower back to resting, whereas this time I had an increase density in capillary beds, and a greater number of hemoglobin; increase in oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Meaning that there was more capillaries around the lung to absorb oxygen and more hemoglobin in that blood meaning that it can combine more frequently to form oxyheamoglobin and take it to the muscle tissue to repay oxygen debt. Also after concluding this test there wasn’t as much muscle soreness meaning that I had increase my anaerobic threshold meaning that the respiratory system can supply the muscle system with oxygen for longer at higher intensity, so that the muscles don’t use the lactic system which produces lactic acid and that cause muscle soreness.

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This is of great advantage to my performance in a game situation as in a game I will be having short bursts of energy through sprints, eg onto through balls, and this increase in anaerobic will enable me to work harder (sprint) for longer giving me and edge on the competition. In my original sergeant jump; test for level of power, I reached 2. 51 meters. In a repeat of the test I achieved 2. 64meters which was I suitable improvement it showed that my level of power had increase and thus my speed and strength since speed *strength=power.

Which shows that I can contract my muscles with great intensity and with greater speed which was one of my main aims as this mean in a game situation I can run quicker and battle hard which is a key feature of my game. I believe the perodisation used in my training program was very affective as it organized me into spending time/ focusing on the specific components that were need. It also enable me to break down what I was down into specific parts and giving me aims and goal to achieve over short periods of time; overloading to 75kgs in strength training, this was very motivational as it made me work harder to improve.

It also gave me a lot of feedback on my skill levels and enlighten me on what other parts of my games need to be improved. On the other hand football being a team game your performance is limited as a lot of what happens relies on your team mates and what happens around you, if I was to repeat this I would add a lot more skills sessions and incorporate more team play into my program this would enable me to improve individual by training and working har playing a match for example but also improve my team play.

Another good point from my program was that the training has encouraged me to continue and make a macrocycle for the year as the visibly improves that can bee seen from comparing my test result have motivated me to continue my upward trend. One bad point that arose from the PEP was the way I conducted the test and the test that were conducted, they lacked some specificity to my aims and therefore effect the reliably of the conclusions draw as I should have split power into strength; 1 rep max test using leg machine, and for speed; 30 meter sprint, since these are more related to what I wanted to achieve and the sport that is being played.

If I was to repeat the PEP I would have made a few changes which I believe would have made my improvement more substantial and further increased my performance. Firstly I would have had a stricker diet which would have enable me to train at a higher intensity, a balanced diet cutting out alcohol consumption and drinking more energy drinks as this enable you to train a little bit longer and the longer you train the greater the improvement.

Also I may have developed on my periodisation further stating what I wanted to do every day giving me no excuses for missing training. Finally I would have complemented my training with supplements during my strength microcycle I could have take creatine this enable you to work at greater intensity so you get better results. Also during the whole mesocycle I would have taken liver tablets which increase the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin and therefore CV fitness.

On reflection I believe the results that were gain from the test and the significant improvement there was shows that I have successfully achieve my aims s. I improved the weaker points of my game and the components that are most necessary in playing at a high standard. I stuck to my training program very well and I think the result are obvious to see and will be of great benefit to me in a game situation and improve my overall performance.

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FITT principle of intensity
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