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First Time

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A story about first time sexual intercourse.

I loved Stupid. I had forver. But he told me he didn’t love me. I was going to make himlove me, and my first stepp would be to make him jealous, so Kt (my bf) wouldn’t be anyone compared to me. I went into my closit and grabbrd the new light blue satin mini skirt i just bought and put it on over my freshly shaven legs. I then put on my child size pink tee that said in light blue letters, “I know u want me” it was so funny! I put on my 3″ highheeled mary janes and then took a look in the mirror.

It flatered my tan thin but muscular body. Why doesn’t he want me, i am beauiful, arent I? When I walked into Walburg Highschool, all the boys noticed, their were hoots and hollers and i just smiled at all the bois that read aloud the words on my shirt.

And the girls all were gossiping and snickering, they r just pathetic. And when I saw stupid, i stopped. He hadn’t noticed me though, he was talking to that ho ( my best friend KT), damn her! But good ol Waffle came to the rescue. He took me by the arm and escorted me to my class. I gave him the strongest kiss on the mouth as we walked and ( accidently, lol) bumped into him. I said soory. ANd as we walked away i looked back and stupid was kissing KT, Damn her! I had math class (1st period) with Waffle, He is so sweet, but gets to many girls, aliitle scary in the fact that he is a total fiend.

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And about 5 min before class he asked me, ” why did u just kiss me?” what could i say but, “uhhhhhhh u busy friday?” so he said no and we made plans. Oh, did I mention that he is Stupid’s BF, so of course he would tell stupid every thing, darn (sarcastic). So the daze went by with me wearing my sexiest things all wek and when friday came i went for the slutiest thing I had. It was a dress, that was mesh and when u wear laungaray underwear with no bra, and maryjanes, it is quite the look. When I opened teh door to Waffle, I swear, his mouth literaly dropped( lol). He was wearing some new Tommy Jeans and a polo shirt from j_crew. I luv skater preps. I jumped on his motorcycle and he put his wind breaker around me and asked where we wanted to go. I asked him if his parents were home, he said no, so i sujjested his place. He said sure and off we went. I put my arms around him and squeezed. I put my head on his back. I felt so good, I had never felt so free. I laughed the whole way there in delight. The edge that i had just encountered made me real horney. I had no energy,so Waffle helped me off his Bike and practicaly carried me to his living room. He went to his parents bar ( he is very rich) and grabbed a boddel of Vodka ( my fav) and poured me 4 shot ( perfect amt) and poured himself 5. After about 10 minuets the vodka started to work. HTere i was, sitting on his couch, his parens gone, and i had no self contro,l ( i guess he figured that) so he caried me threshhold/princess style to his bedroom. I was laffing and giggling histericly. He took off his shirt and layed in bed next to me. He started kissing me. But kept having to stop when I started to giggle. He asked me if i wanted to have sex, and all I could do was laff. HE just started to laff at me and took off my shoes and dress, and put one of his shirts on me and put me under the covers and slept with me. We didn’t fuck, he just held me. When I woke up still in his arms I was in love. I didn’t care about stupid anymore, I wanted Waffle. I got up and brushed my teeth with his toothbrush. When I came back inhis room he was still sleeping so I decided to jump in the shower. I went to his hall closit to get a towel, when hi mom spotted me. I looked at her and just said ” We didn’t do anything.” I guess she believed me because she just smiled at me and told me to call her elen. I told her my name was Sarah. I walked into the bathrooma and jumped into the nice hot shower. I used his Aveda shampoo and the little suds were in the process of sliding down my body when Waffle jumped into the shower. He gave me hug and wispered in my ear, ” well that was better than sex wasn’t it. I said yes, and we started to kiss. I finishe my shower and got dressed it a hippi dress his mom loaned me. I jumped on the motorcycle and he gave me a ride home. when we got to my house, i kissed him for a long time. and than agaist my will walked inside. I called Kt just then and told her everthing. And then she told me what her and stupid did, it went a little like this: So when stupid picked me up iwas so psyched. . yada. . . anmd ater the movie we went to my house. Or wrather my bedroom. He kissed me a little and then he started to lick my neck, Bye this point my stumach was all mushy and i had 0 energy. We kissed for alond time so he could memorze my body ( thnk-god he didn’t want me to suck his dick). So after he memorized my body with his hands, he put his [(2ft long, lol) dick into me. At firdt i felt my overies being ripped out cause it was so big, no, just jokin, that was for u stupid.] dick into me. It hurt aliittle, but before long the rithmic humpiing pade off because we were both moaning. It felt so good. I was at the peak of my arousal so the orgasms kept comming and he just kept going. I was breathing hard and when he stopped i ws a little disapointed, but satisfied. So we kissed more and when he di put his hand on my head and directed it toward his dick i slapped him. He said he was sorry and he really was, So i forgave him. and to make it up to me, we did it again an hour later =). And that was her story. So now, of the 4 of us, i as the onl virgin=(. So I had a mission. . . oh waffle!!!!!!!!!!! u r neaded, lol On Saterday night Waffle picked me up, only this time i was wearing tight black vinal “boy underware” and a black bra with thigh high boots. His mouth dropped open agin, lol. He is so cute when he is arroused. We went to a night club in the city. He was a really good dancer and when some one offered us some weed, I kinda looked at Waffle. He read my face. I was a year younger than him. he was a junior. I had messed with drugs in 8th gADE and wasn’t ready for it again. So he too one hit and then we left. He wan’t high, he was just happy. So when he started to drive the motorcycle, i trusted him. Bye teh time we got to his house, I was dissapiointed taht I had declined the hit. So I did the only thing I could do and got a buzz of vodka. He braught me to his room and we started kissing. NOw fully aware, he was a really good kisser. I began kissing him harder and he returned even harder. He asked me if i wanted to have sex, and with out gigglin i said yed. He took off his shirt and jeans to reveal armani silk boxers. They were maroon with the armani in printed inyellow. I decided to let him do all the work since he was expirienced in the sex matter and i wasn’t. As he kissed me he wrapped hi arms al the way around me and wispered , “Don’t worry.” I guess that either ment, dont worry about getting pregnant or it hutrtin, or along the line of mentaly like i luv u. Either case I wasn’t worried. So he kissed me and kissed my neck and my chest and all over em. I did a giggle and felt as if I was on that motor cycle for the first time. He unsnapped my bra and threw it on the floor. He then unzipped my shorts and puled them off to reveal J-Crew black mesh underwear. he puled of my underwear and kinda sprea apart my leds do i was in the lapmoss position. he shuffle as he took of his boxers. He leaned over me and I directed his dick into my hole. Owwwwww! I just layed there in pain waiting for sumething to happen. Nuthing did. waffle realized this and stopped. I began to cry.With embarement and exasperation. He held me and told me it was ok and that i just wasn’t readdy and that we could try again on another day. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms. I slepped alll day sunday and was a lil depressed. But on Monday I cheared up when Waffles face lit up when he saw me. He gave me a huge kiss and i wanted himright then and there. He could tell, so he smiled and told me his parents were going outa town and that on friday there was gonna be a hellatight(NiGLeT WoRD) party and that we could spend all of next week together. I couldn’t wait. On thursday i did all my homework and asked ym teachers if i could have fridays hw in advace be cause i was goin outa town friday( wel i wasn;t really, oh well, lol) So on Friday I went to the mall and found the tightest(aGaiN) most revealing cutest silk/cashmere dress on clarence and bought it. only 99 dollars. I threw on some black Doc Martins and put m hear up and got a ride from kt and Stupid to teh party. And Again when Waffle saw me his mouth dropped open. I spent the entire party catering to peoles needs so I didn’t see Waffle at all. BUt when I realized KT and Stupid were missing I rabbed some tequila nad two cokes and brought it to their room. I was amazed what they looked like. It was as if they were one. KNowing the other persons motions before the did it and they were having fun. Kt, like me, was letting him do all the work, he didn’t mind though. They had sincronised moaning. He felt her up and down and she squeezed his back. THen as she got realy into it, she began to scratch his back, that increased the intensity because they were fucking harder and moaning louder. I dropped the tray on the dresser and left to find Waffle. Now was the time. When i finnaly found him i took him bye the arm and dragged him into his moms room. And I began to kisss him. I through him on the bed an di took off my dress. and kicked off my shoes. i pulled his shirt over his head as we kissed adn then unbuttoned hi sjeans. I thenk he liked me takin charge because the entire time he wsa laughing. After we were both totaly naked we began with kissing and worked into the insertation. It didn’t hurt this time. And I felt the feeling Kt had been tring to dscribe me. And more than ever, i knew what i wanted outa life. To get ffeelings like this.

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