First Term Students Essay

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First Term Students

For every college student the first term is always the hardest. In most cases the hardest part in college is the transition from high school to college. The first week of college most students feel isolated and separated from friends. Assuming you don’t know anyone that goes to your school makes it harder to meet new friends. You know you are going to get a lot of work and you must do well on your studies. In order to do well in your studies you are going to have to locate your resources and be comfortable accessing them.

While making time to get settled in, you must also arrange time to study. In the first week it may be hard to find time and may be hard to get use to the transaction, but things will get easier, sooner than you might think! Some of the hardest parts of starting college are, feeling isolated, finding resources, and making time to study. In this essay I will make it easier for students to transact to the college life. The first week or so of college can make you feel very isolated. Being separated from friends and family can be lonely. Not knowing anyone makes it harder to find your way around.

In this case you need to continue what you need to do and put yourself out there. You may not meet anyone your first week, you just have to wait and continue doing what you need to do, and remember there are lots of other students out there that are in the same boat as you. So, encourage yourself to put yourself out there. Maybe sit next to someone at lunch that is sitting alone or find someone in the common room to watch TV with. There are many opportunities to find friends you just have to give it time. Finding resources are great help on homework and make it easier on your studies.

Getting the right resources for your studies is very important especially if you don’t have a laptop. Almost all of your resources will be from a book found in the library, or a book you have to order from the bookstore. If you are getting a book from the library you can just read it there or you can check it out for free. If you need a certain book for a certain class, you need to buy or rent a book from the bookstore. Ordering a book may take up to a few days or a week, since lots of other students are looking for this book too, so be prepared to wait and try to order your book early.

For many students this is a lot of work to balance on your plate. As a college student you must also make time to study. One of the big differences between High School and college is that college gives a lot more homework. Therefore you must allow yourself more time to study. The average college student should give themself two hours for every hour they have in class. Which depending on how many classes you are taking, that can add up to a lot of hours. For every first time student this will be very hard to get use to and may take a couple weeks to get a routine down.

I think what helps me keep up with my grades is to stay ahead of them and never fall behind. Once you fall behind it just gives you more work to do and makes it harder to get back up. It is very hard for every student in his or her first year. In order to be more comfortable with your school you must learn the transaction from High School to college. From being separated from friends, finding your resources, to balancing your studies. College can very frustrating at first, but by giving it some time and following these steps can make college life much easier.

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