Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! Is this undoubtedly true or is it a strategy of parents to get their kids to overlook bullying? Slaves had first voiced this term at the time of slavery in the U. S. The whole world senses physical pain in their life in some manner, shape or form. Alternatively, emotional pain is only experienced by particular people and their extremes. Most of us take an attempt to disregard emotional pain, while others let emotional pain kill us from the inside.

Emotional pain is far more dreadful than physical pain because the healing process is longer, emotional pain is one of the many causes of physical harm and emotional pain will affect us unexpectedly. ?To begin with, what is emotional pain? Emotional pain is the tension, burden or depression that makes us suffer from the inside. For instance, sadness, unexpressed anger, anxiety, shame or guilt. A main difference between emotional and physical pain is the time span.

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Physical pain is a few minutes before one takes pain killers, Tylenol or Advil but there’s no medication for emotional suffering. As a result, emotional pain takes longer to heal. “That person had never known his father, a boy not much older than himself who had gotten a deaf girl pregnant and then run off. Nor had that person known his mother, whose world of silence had kept her prisoner within herself until the boy’s attentions had drawn her out and then betrayed her.

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She’d wasted away, barely pushing the scrawny baby out of her body before leaving it herself.

That baby became the focus of his grandfather’s anger: the reason for their poverty, the justification for every drink, the root of every rage. That baby became the frightened, angry boy who lost his grandmother to a disease he couldn’t see, the boy who was then shunted from one foster home to another. That was the person on the overpass. Not the person who had sat with her taken her for walks, taught her how to play poker, reminded her it shouldn’t hurt to laugh again. ” (Aker, 281) Emotional pain typically initiates with excruciating life experiences.

As a result, anger is a common outcome of emotional pain. Through this quote, we understand that boy has been a lot of tough times which lead him to throw a rock towards the overpass. Then, feel remorse about his actions which is a perfect example of emotional sorrow because guiltiness is a type of emotional pain. Which frequently results in one torturing themselves. The boy in the quotation has felt emotional pain from the first several minutes of his life. Can he forget everything and heal in a few moments like he would have if he felt physical instead of emotional.

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