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First step to enter the entertainment industry

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Essay, Pages 2 (500 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (500 words)

Last year, during Teacher’s Day I took a huge chance- I sang in front of the entire school. When I sang in front of the entire school, although I looked very nervous and ready to pass out any moment, I was also enjoying it. I have always performed in front of people because of the CCA I was in. When I was younger, I, like many other kids I dreamed of being in the entertainment industry like singing and acting and would still like to pursue it in the future.

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Hence my parents sent me to singing classes, thinking that it would be a phase and that it would pass soon. However, it didn’t. Even at the age of thirteen-and-a-half, I still enjoy singing as much as I did in the past. My parents are slightly worried that I would enter the entertainment industry as they think that there is no financial stability in such a job that requires one’s creative ability.

However, I would still like to be an entertainer in the future.

I enjoy watching movies and musicals the most. My favourite movies are all the movies in the Fast and Furious series. Despite the fact that people are always shocked when they realise that I am a girl and enjoy a series that revolves mainly around cars which apparently girls don’t usually like, I still love the movies. The movie does not only revolve around fast cars but also talks about friendship and learning to protect your loved ones (although the methods that they use are too violent for ordinary lives).

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My favourite musical is the first musical I ever watched- Peter Pan. Isn’t this a childish show? Why do you still like it? The first time I watched a musical was when I was nine. My school had brought forty students to watch a musical which had just come to town. The surroundings felt very expensive and left quite a big impression on my young mind. I then decided that I would do something related to entertaining people which also meant singing.

I think that a lot of people shy away from performing in public due to stage fright. There are many techniques to battling it like the most popular one (i think), picturing that there is no one in the audience and think that only you are there. However, the way I personally use to battle stage fright is to think why I am on the stage. Is it because it is something I am passionate about? Or Is it because we were forced to do it? Questions like this help us think why we are on the stage and decrease our stage fright. According to Jennifer Ellison, an English actress, dancer and singer, the reason why she loves performing on stage the most is getting anz instant reaction from a live audience. There are no boundaries, you can take your character as far as you want to, you can be the craziest person ever.

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