First Remembrances Essay

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First Remembrances

There are many firsts to be remembered in an individual’s life: the first birthday, the first bicycle ride, and even the very first day in school. First remembrances always prove to be of great import and can sometimes have very great impact on an individual’s life. However, the importance and effect a first remembrance has on a person is always taken at a particular context. The individual’s outlook on life, his or her temperament, their value system, and also the quality of that first remembrance must always be analyzed and considered when thinking of how the individual might have been affected.

This paper will try to analyze the impact of a particular first remembrance on a person’s life. By utilizing information drawn from five different interviews, the impact of an individual’s first time to go to the movies will be assessed. What did they remember about their first experience in a movie house? What were their feeling about it? What did they watch? How do they view going to the movies at the present time? How do they feel when they go to the movies today?

This paper hopes to show that first remembrances of going to the movies directly affect an individual’s later experiences of going to a movie. It will be shown that the quality of that first remembrance, its details and nuances and the particular emotions it evokes, if any, will be the basis of how the individual may feel and think about going to the movies at the present time. Because of the limited time given, only five individuals were interviewed and these came from a small population type.

They were all university of the same age group, late adolescence. Three interviewees were females and the other two interviewees were males. They belonged to the upper middle class of society and three out of five, two females and one male, admitted to being frequent movie-goers while two, one female and one male, mentioned going to the movies only occasionally. It was clear from the interview results that what individuals most remembered about their first trip to the movies was the people they went with and the movie they watched.

Of the five individuals interviewed, all five said they first went with their family or at least one family member. Four out of five remembered having watched animated movies during their first time while one, a male, remembered watching a kickboxing movie with his father. The exact age at which they had this experience, however, was not distinct for most of the interviewees. They did recall, however, that it was during early childhood. For the females, going to the movies for the first time was similar to going on a holiday trip with the family.

It was a fun and exciting experience which symbolized a special time they had with their loved ones. Today, going to the movies also meant an enjoyable time to be spent with people they were close to. Dates or outings with another female friend were most often causes for going to the movies. When asked whether they would go to the movies alone, all three asserted that they would not go unless they had someone to watch that movie with. Movie-going was not about watching the movie per se but about spending time with someone they liked.

It was an experience with another individual and not of the movie itself. For the males, however, results were different. For the male interviewee who watched a kickboxing movie with his father, movie-going was not an experience of great import. When asked how he first felt about it, he said he did not, in fact, feel anything about it. Today, movie-going for him meant simply a dissection of what was on film. He saw movies simply as acting that was not worth his while. He pointed out that it would be better if movie-goers went to watch real-life action and behavior instead.

He said he would rather have watched martial arts in person than have watched the movie. For the other male interviewee, however, he recalled going to the movies for the first time as an event with his family but one that was done for his sister. He recalled his sister wanting to watch an animated movie and having been brought along to watch it as well. Today, he feels that his movie-going is very much similar to that first experience. He goes for the sake of accompanying other people: a date, a family member, a friend.

He said he would probably go to a movie alone but only upon another person’s recommendation of a specific movie. The responses of the interviewees show that the first remembrance of going to a movie is indeed very much linked with present experiences of movie-going. The emotions and behavior they most remembered about that first experience were very similar to their own emotions and behavior of later experiences. It may well be that these individuals based their later reactions and outlook on movie-going on that first experience.

The baseline for what movie-going was to mean for each interviewee was set early on in their childhood and was probably reinforced by later similar experiences. It is clear that the accuracy of their first remembrance is not important. The actual events that transpired during their first trip to the movies were not what was important but rather only their remembrance. Therefore the first memory of an event such as going to the movies is strong enough to establish a long-term behavioral routine and emotional inclination in an individual.

Gender may play a factor and in the case of movie-going it did. Females tend to have more positive experiences and outlooks about movie-going whereas males tend to have a less participatory recollection of the event leading to less attachment to the memory and less invested behavior later on. Over all, first remembrances of movie-going were seen to be directly related to later movie-going experiences. Individuals with remembering a better quality of a first time at the movies tended to have a better quality of movie-going experience later on in life.

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