First Impression Essay

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First Impression

Everyone has that certain someone who has touched their hearts before, you know that someone who has impacted you enough to change your outlook at life. You may be able to think of this person in your own life and how much they’ve affected you. Well throughout my life my dad has become that certain someone. Through the morals she has taught me, the great examples she has set, and the way she carries herself she has easily shaped my life and made me into the person I am today and is the reason why I’ve inducted her into the Greatest Dad Hall of Fame. Since a youngin my dad has always expected me to act in a suitable manner she expects this from me because she has taught me the values that I should live by.

Ever since I been little I have always been going to church, I go to Trinity United Church of Christ. They’ve taken me here not only to worship god, but also to learn why I should stay true to my values. My mother has helped me to put god first, to forever stay in my faith, and not to be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. As I go through what we call life, I will be faced with the many temptations that the world has to offer. With what my mother has taught me I now know to never run from the person that I am, not to follow with what everyone else is doing but to be myself forming my own journey. I know I can achieve these things because my mother has set a great example on how to live respectively. Everyone has had their bad shares of life, but not everyone sets good examples for those who may be going through the same situation.

My mother has always set a good example for me and my 3 brothers for she’s a project administrator for Accenture. There have been days where she has come home filled with a lot of frustration and stress. her boss could have had a bad day which caused her to have one as well, or she could have of had a whole bunch of work piled up that she haven’t caught up on yet for whatever the reason was she continues to stay strong. For situations like this, many people become depressed and let this affect them. Personally whenever this happens to her however, she prays, she prays for patience with her boss and strength to have a better day tomorrow.

The little things she does like this speaks greatly to me and shows me the type of person I should strive to become. A few years ago my mother found out that she has skin cancer. Although this was not life threatening many times when someone hears the word cancer fear automatically comes to mind like most others she was scared but she did not let that affect her. After the doctors removed the cancerous places on her skin she has chosen to make wiser decisions. Now she puts on sunscreen every time she goes outside for an extended period of time, she makes sure that any unusual spots on her body are checked to see if they are harmful. These great examples set by the actions that she takes shows that she is a strong responsible woman.

The way others judge you involves first impression. It is important to present yourself in a way that’s not only respectful to others but for yourself as well. As my mother encounter different people each day she always remember to carry herself in a caring way to let other see the warmness in her shear.t this encourages me to think twice about how I treat others. In order to be successful I will need to have a job. Not only in the medical field, but any field in general I will constantly be around people as to where I need to present myself professionally.

I have become inspired to be a Physical Therapist I must present myself with the caring attitude with each patient I help. the way you present yourself affects the mood of the situation around you while your attitude can be an influential factor to the ways other act as I reflect on how my mother is, I see how her morals and examples have shaped me to the person that I am today and the person I will be through her constant influence. Knowing how my mother has impacted my life may cause you to reflect upon your relationships there are many people just like me who are proud to call their mother dad I believe that a relationship between a person and their dad is one of the most priceless things in the world I love my dad.

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