First Day of School

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First Day of School

Like you, I’m going back to school tomorrow. Unlike you, I am the professor. So I can tell you what at least one professor thinks about your concerns. First, thank you for thinking about being prepared for the first day of class. I always assume that the students have not had time yet to get to the book store, so my first day plans do not require the book. Many of my colleagues, however, do use it the first day, and you are wise to have it with you. Yes, the books are heavy (and expensive — we don’t like the cost any more than you do) but it will make you look involved and dedicated if you have it ready to go. About what time to arrive, again, as an instructor, I appreciate your not wanting to come late. I refuse to let students enter the room after the lesson has started (but I am very flexible for the first few days while everyone is still trying to find where the rooms are.

Even I get lost once in a while.) That early arrival may give you the opportunity to talk with someone interesting in the class, make new friends, and become more comfortable. For heaven’s sake, talk to people! While you are waiting for the class to begin, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other students and get comfortable. I usually arrive early so that I can get to know the students. I talk to them about things which have nothing to do with the lesson, simply because I like to know who they are. And this is the final point (thank goodness!) The instructor is not your enemy. Instructors enjoy students, learn from them, and are glad to have them in class. We want you to learn, and we get our personal satisfaction when we see “the little light go on” over your head. Relax, because you will have all the support you ever wanted.


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