First Day of Elementary School Essay

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First Day of Elementary School

The first day of school is always difficult. New faces on anew place. I came from a small private school in South Carolina and now I transferred to a public school in Utah. I am amazed by the big difference studying in the 2 vicinity. My mind is full of confusions and questions. Whenever I recall my first day, I can’t help but smile. Good thing I was able to survive it. First thing in the morning, I was really excited and looking forward to attending classes.

Though I miss my classmates before, I know I need to move on and focus on what lies ahead of e. I get out of bed and look for something to wear. I believe wearing new clothes is not necessary but I am also afraid of being embarrassed by wearing something old. So I wore a simple jeans and shirt and rush my way to school then. One notable distinction for students on the first day of school is the look of ignorance. Everyone seems lost and looking at them on first glance, they look like very unfriendly and will not bother to know my name.

It was really different fro South Carolina because there almost everyone knew one another and even your family. First day of school on a new environment is boring for me. The environment is stark and empty. I miss the feeling of people who are around us and greet us with smile and motivation. It was a major rule for students to wait outside the school premises. I find it awkward because the first day of school is supposed to be the moment where a student should experience the feeling of being at home to a new surrounding.

The school is the second home of students. But it seems that my first day of school is like waiting for the plane to arrive while all of us are outside the university campuses. I wanted to blame my mom for taking me to school early which made my first day embarrassing. She is not the stereotypical mom who wears a jogging suit and drops off her kids in school. She is not fond of keeping schedules on track. I recall my kindergarten days when she brought me to school after Labor Day when in fact the school season starts in August.

The same thing happened on my first day in public school. I was an hour and a half early and this leads me to rushing to the classroom without waiting for the bell. Since I am unaware of the rule I rushed towards the classroom thinking that I was already late for my class, I am dismayed by the coldness of my teacher who just barely look at me and told me to go outside and wait for the bell. To compose myself and regain my composure, I decided to sing jingle bells while walking towards outside. Having different students around me made me feel like an alien.

I am also expecting for the usual sound of a ringing bell but it sounds like a text message. It was just a beep rather than a bell. Going back to the classroom scenario and my new teacher, she was not even excited to see me. I even put the best cologne for her to notice me but then my teacher is like a stick in the mud. In the end I learned that the only difference from my first day in public elementary school from my first day in kindergarten school is the number and the kind of people. Elementary school marks the preparation stage of young boys and girls towards high school.

I believe that having many classmates allows me to gain more friends and more food during snack breaks. When luck strikes it is also the chance for me to gain more answers during exams. Students are not also fond of matching bow heads with Lily Pulitzer outfits. The girls at my new schools opt for matching Patagonia clothes. I cannot blame them for doing such because of the social status that they belong. After all it is not the clothes that you wear but your quality as a student that counts.

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