First Day in Delta College Essay

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First Day in Delta College

January, 14th 2014, was my first day at Delta College. I have heard some say that their first day of college was full of excitement, but for me it was completely new experience. My first day in Delta College was a memorable experience due to three reasons: I was exposed to the new environment, I met new teachers, and I met some new friends. On the first day of college, I saw the new environment and it made me feel more and more comfortable. At my first glimpse of my new campus, the air smelled new, the faces looked new and the environment seemed so different from Cambodia (my country) that it took away my anxieties. As my new friends, Theara, Sok, Samdy, and I roamed around, visiting every Delta College building, following the map. We saw awesome facilities support by high technology in the auto shop and we didn’t even know what it was called. All I know about it was that some of these machines were used it to fix cars. It was my first time seeing those amazing technologies. It might sound that it was just ignorance in my new world, but it just really seemed new to me. These great experiences in the new environment helped me to adjust to Delta College as well.

My first teacher for my English 84 class was named Becerra-Qu, and my second teacher for my Precalculus I class was named Tripp, R. At first they seemed so serious, but it was just the way their teaching styles were, which I found very helpful with my education. Then later on, my new friend told me that both teachers were nice people, but they just wanted their students to take their classes seriously. My friend also said, “They look serious and mean but they also make joke around and make the students felt more comfortable to study in their classroom.” She told me that “Every teacher has his or her own ways to teaching because some students tend to not to pay attention to their teachers if they don’t set up their rules in his or her classroom.” My first day of college was kind of scary but after my friend told me some stories about the teacher, it made me feel better.

On my first day in Delta College, I made a couple new friends’ named Theara, Sok, Sam, Samdy, Vuth and I found them worth having. At the start, all of those new faces made me feel uncomfortable because they were looking at me as if I were an interesting creature that they had never seen before. My first hour at Delta College made me feel lonely and miserable. During the first hour, I realized that I missed the majority of my old friends in my country, whether they were nice or rude to me. On my first day in Delta College, I remembered all of those good old days with my good old friends and all the good old memories that I spent with them in Cambodia.

However, things went back to normal as if I had returned to my old life after I had my first English 84 classes at 8:30 in the morning. English 84 class was nice and I met some new classmates there, named Theara, Sok, Sam, Samdy, and Vuth. We all spoke Khmer, and they all came from the same country as I did; however, we all came from different provinces. Some of my new classmates that I met on my first day of school have been friends of mine since that first day. Most importantly, as I was Cambodian, I had a hard time to read, to write, and to listen to my classmates including the teacher. Most of students that studied in English 84 with me didn’t speak English in a correct way. So, on my first day in my English 84 class, I always spoke broken English.

When my first English 84 class was over at 10:30, I started to walk down to Shima building and stopped to ask someone I met for directions to my math class. I actually arrived to the class late because I got lost in the Shima building. In addition, when I got to my Math class fifteen minutes late, it was terrible and I didn’t get what the teacher said at first because he was speaking too fast for me, so I just found my own seat and settled down in the Math class for one hour and a half. It was a big challenge for me to go to college because I came from another country, but it gave me a memorable experience that I will never forget.

Overall, I believe that the first day of College was an exciting journey because of all the new things that we had been through and experienced. For me, my first day in Delta College turned out to be terrible experience that I had never expected, but was a step that boosted my interesting and also my confidence.

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